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  • oldgirl.investor oldgirl.investor Jul 28, 2013 1:01 AM Flag

    Elon and Tesla-great, but for the wrong reasons!

    I am long TSLA stock.
    Love the product.
    But not to save the environment! That is where Elon has it wrong. The environmentalists have sold their stupid science to him.
    It is a wonderful machine an EV like Tesla. Thats the reason people buy it. Not because they care about solar cells or environments or coal pollution.
    Elon needs to realize that all this CO2 stuff is garbage science...he needs to continue making this great product (EV) without trying to save the earth etc. It is the only time I think he has not been able to see through the #$%$ of bad science.

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    • ispamm Jul 29, 2013 6:20 AM Flag

      Science is garbage!

      Earph is flate!

    • Don't worry about Elon, he needs tour advise like he needs lung cancer.

    • I wouldn've bought the car if the body was made of laminated cardboard as long as it was an electric motor with 250 mile range. I'm not using hyperbole to make a point. We live on a ball of molten lava underneath a massive ball of near perpetual fusion energy. Burning gas for fuel is silly.

    • Elon's mission is to save the mankind. Judging from what you said we really need a lot help from people like him.

    • donpalo21 Jul 28, 2013 4:24 PM Flag

      wow, you clearly have no idea what Elon is about. His whole mission is environmental. lets see, he owns Solar City(explains itself), he owns SpaceX, they make renewable rockets, and he makes an electric car named after the brightest scientist/inventors ever!!!!
      and yes, people do buy it because of the environment as well as the fact of not having to suck on the corporate tit! but i bet you think clean coal is a good idea.

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      • Exactly my point..he makes wonderful products in Tesla and SpaceX Rockets, engineering marvels, but for the wrong reasons. Again the reasoning doesn't matter..the market wants these things for the wonderful machines they are. They couldn't care less about the environmental impact, which is bogus science. Even Smart Elon doesn't realize the bad science behind these earth-savers.

    • I somewhat agree but have one big disagreement. Elon hasn't bought into anything from the environmentalists. He's looked at arguments and data on both sides and reached his own conclusion through the lens of the trained physicist that he is. He concludes that GHGs are a problem and so do many Tesla buyers and that's fine, they still get the "side benefits" of the best car at that price, a far lower TCO and 100% domestic energy usage. Those of us who would buy a Tesla for every reason EXCEPT the environmental ones get to own the best car at it's price get the environmental "side benefits"-a no cost, invisible benefit.

      All sides get what they want.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • good point. he has looked at both sides sure..he is a smart engineer/physicist, but you know we are all humans, and he has chosen the wrong side there because of being swayed by the enviromnental data.

        Do you know that in the 1950s in the USA, people were worried about global cooling (not warming). The environmentalists took data for 10 years and concluded that Ice age was coming back. Do Internet search to see this-it is really fascinating stuff. Then in the 90's after the generation of the 50's were old enough, the scientists looked at data for 10 years and started worrying about global warming.

        These environmental climate lover scientists are a joke to science. C02 emissions studies are full of approximations, they are mostly invalid and cannot be called hard science or engineering.

        There is a reason why climate protection is not in Undergraduate Physics classes...the overall physicist community is not convinced about the arguments either.

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