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  • justthefactsmaam_ok justthefactsmaam_ok Jul 28, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    BMW i3-specific highlights and lowlights

    After spending $2.65 billion, the i3 only reaffirms Tesla's huge lead and proves the big auto companies are not a threat at this time and for at least another year or longer, if ever.

    From Bloomberg article:

    "IHS forecasts that BMW, which is targeting annual sales of 2 million vehicles a year, including Mini and the i-series, will sell only 15,000 to 20,000 of the i3 a year, in line with Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)’s Model S."

    This quote is for those who had issues with the Model S' cold weather performance (Broder, are you listening?):

    "To gain extra range, the car features an ECO PRO mode, which reduces the rate of acceleration and limits the top speed to 120 km/h from 150 km/h. ECO PRO+ shuts off the flow of energy to the radio, heating and all other functions not needed for driving, extending the range 30 percent to about 200 km."
    That's right, 124 mile range WITHOUT heat, radio, 73mph top speed and even further limited it's already mediocre acceleration (see below).

    "The 170-horsepower electric motor, which makes almost no noise, accelerates to 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour in 7.2 seconds, beating the 10.7 seconds for the base version of the 3-Series."

    "The prestige project has cost BMW more than 2 billion euros ($2.65 billion), according to the Center of Automotive Management in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany."

    Note that the BMW i3 is a 4 seater whereas the Model S is a 5 seater (7 with jump seats for 2 kids).

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    • i3 is one ugly looking car. Sorry to say.

    • BMW posted the i3 on their Facebook page 2 hours ago. I've read the last 30 comments and ALL were negative except for 1. This is from fans of BMW! The i3 is one ugly car and is under powered (0 -60 in 7 secs). And range limited (less than 100 miles). The optional Range-Extender (scooter motor driven generator) adds less than 100 miles and BMW recommends that it is not for daily use.

      What a poorly thought out offering from a highly regarded company.. Certainly, no competition for Tesla model S.

    • You are comparing Apples and Oranges, which you probably know but don't care. The BMW will be Under 40K after the $7500 tax credit, the Tesla 90-100K. I guess for the extra 50K you should get an extra seat. Perhaps you can tell us more like how the Sonata compares to a MB S Class or a Mustang compares to a Porsche? How about we all hold our opinions until Tesla brings a car to market for Sub 40K.

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      • I love how everyone quotes the Tesla S at $90-$100k. Base model S 60Kwh is $63.5k and it has a 208mi EPA range.

      • As the market has shown, range sells. The Model S sales in Q1, exceeded individual luxury ICE sales in sold in the US. Within Model S, most of the sales were to the 85 KW-hr version that has a nominal range of 300 miles. Only 4% of the sales went to models with the 40 KW-hr battery that has been discontinued.

        The i3 has a plug-in hybrid does even come close to offering value relative to the Volt, its competitor. Both of them are limited range plug-in cars with range extending ICE. Kind like being half-pregnant. Dual motors increase maintenance and complexity. For $41K, I would rather get a nice BMW 335i.

        Even the proposed i8 is lame plug-in hybrid with battery range of only 22 miles and cost exceeding 100,000 miles.

        The defining fact about Model S is that is a great car that happens to be a BEV.

      • Good post, snck. For $95K, what's the big deal about Tesla model S, any car with that price tag can be a wonder. But, for a company to make money, it needs to sell cars by the hundreds of thousands and not just a couple of thousands to the celebrities.

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      • I actually agree with you in some respects but it's the naysayers and Tesla haters, maybe you're one of them, that keep saying how the i3 is the Tesla killer. If we agree the two are an apples and oranges comparison then the i3 is not a threat.

        One correction to your post: The Model S starts at $62,400 after fed tax credit, not $90,000, a difference of $25,000. With a battery sized to the i3's range and stripped down interior, I think the Tesla could get pretty close to the price of the i3.

        I reiterate that after spending $2.65 billion to date on it's i program, BMW's i3 is a poor showing not just in terms of cost and technology but as a product from a major car company. This trifecta of competitive factors was pronounced to be the death knell for Tesla. Don't think so.

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    • The i3 is BMWs answer to the volt, lead by frank weber who was a lead on the volt project before going over to BMW. It has nothing to so with the tesla model s.

    • house_at_pooneil_corners house_at_pooneil_corners Jul 28, 2013 8:17 PM Flag

      BMW=Krapmobile,,,nothing but big ticket problems & big ticket service $150 for a stinking oil change---oh! I mean oil service.

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      • Exactly... the other day I had to take my 335xi in for the high pressure fuel pump recall. I over heard a service advisor talking to this older lady telling her that she needed a new battery and new windshield wipers and it would cost $680. I could not believe it. BMW dealers are a huge rip off.

        I no longer let them work on my car. After the fuel pump replacement, the radio didn't work.... then they replaced the radio unit and scratched my dash. they broke some plastic parts. I now would not even trust them to work on a lawn mower.

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      • House, have you been on this planet the past few years? Did you know BMW has offered free maintenance for at least the past 6 years? That means oil changes are no charge. Then again, have you ever owned a luxury vehicle? Didn't think so. But keep saying what you're saying. The comic relief is worth it.

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