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  • donpalo21 Jul 29, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Elon welcomes BMW and others

    you greedy idiots sound like democrats and republicans - always pushing your own profit driven agendas. this is about more than just your petty little pennies! even those who are bullish get trapped. Elon said he invited others to join him(as long as they adapted their charging system to tesla's) This is about helping not only each other, but our environment as well. this is a world change. i hope your small minds can encompass this. but i'll probably get thumbs down and negative responses because most people have no soul and GMO riddled brains

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    • Elon like myself has the best interests of all as the long term goal. Your rant however is ill conceived. The primary objective of the CEO and top officers is to increase shareholder value (B school 101). I am all for BMW and others being able to use Tesla superchargers provided they PAY for the licencing and royalties. People who invest their hard earned $ into Tesla do not and will not approve of "giving away" the competitive advantage for which they have paid. If BMW and others would like to use Tesla superchargers, they must pay the shareholders who have paid to have them engineered and installed. The additional revenue stream is a very vital part of keeping Tesla viable. To give this away would in effect give away the competitive advantage and more than likely the company would fail. Shareholders can not and will not risk that outcome.

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    • Musk has stated very plainly that his goal is to get the world onto sustainable energy on the production and consumption side. He welcomes everyone into the space. Production side is Solarcity, consumption side is Tesla. And that's why you'll have solar panels on charging stations.

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    • Of course he will welcome all electric competitors. It makes for better products through competition and enhanced technologies. The thing is - we need to be moving quickly toward electric transportation far faster than anyone knows the answers for. The number one driver needing an electric car are lower-income people who will be affected by the ever-increasing oil prices and gasoline prices. So, what has to happen is the electrification has to start going forward for some type of used-car conversion packages supported by the car companies - such as used Camry's converted to EV using well-planned out quick-install kits (ie. 2-3 days) installed by companies like "Jiffy Lube" (meaning, Jiffy Convert or whatever). Selling "New" EVs is not fast enough for the need out there.

    • Tesla will need to supply adapters to the adopted SAE standard chargers. You cant fight Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, GM, Ford, etc.

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