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  • batmanv38 batmanv38 Jul 29, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Hey Longs have you ever wondered why BMW could not make an all-EV for under 40k???

    Because it is NOT possible you idiots, and instead TSLA stock is trading at astronomical valuation on fantasy scenarios that they will make a mass-market car and sell hundreds of thousands of them.. HAHAHAHA you guys are so pathetic

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    • You are so dumb! Keep repeating that over and over.

    • Imbecile, BMW just released its i3 all EV. MSRP $41K before rebates. Do your home work.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • owcsss Jul 29, 2013 11:59 PM Flag

      Hey man, hows it feel to be wrong all the time, man? Ever get tired of being wrong, man? What is wrong with you, man? Don't you know, man? This stock isn't for wittle crybabies. Can't handle the heat, man, get out the kitchen, man.

    • This is still going up? Where's the valuation? Anyway Congrats to longs.

    • rglavor Jul 29, 2013 8:56 PM Flag

      cover your short,then look for another place to lose money

    • Please short the stock and crawl back into your hole.

    • BMW, like GM, has to recoup their R&D costs. That comes with extra costs up-front in the first years. They didn't paid the engineers and management for 2 years $0. Volt Gen-II will be well under $35K before incentives.

    • I couldnt agree more ! and Im salivating like a wolf over shorting TSLA as soon as the dam bursts.Shorted already before got 18 bucks a share next time probably 40.Its just a valuation thing I actually do like electric just more of a realist less of a dreamer. like these longs I will say they have made some ridiculous money.If you look at the curve though its lost almost all of its acceleration moves up very small compared to previous moves. Look out longs.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • It's not possible for BMW to make a $25,000 nice mid-size sedan like Camry and Accord either. I guess future of Toyota and Honda is pretty grim too.

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      • We do have a pesky thing called currency conversion as another issue. And German labor isn't too cheap. For BMW to make something affordable, they would have to source Hyundai to make it. Hyundais are pretty good cars and could source a cheap BMW. But it wouldn't be the ultimate driving machine (ie. marketing ploy) that the double kidney needs it to be.

    • While i'm short tesla, i don't agree with you. BMW can build a EV priced at $60K or less with the same performance as Tesla, just repalce the generator with more batteries(maybe from Panasonic too,hehe) But If you were the CEO of BMW, would you do that now? NO! As the leader of the industry, if they can't build a revolutionary product, that's a fail anyway(why the hell should they build a similar unmatured car to compete with tesla anyway?), especailly that's not profitable yet. They are still waiting the battery technology to be advanced and the charging station standard created, etc.
      I personally quite like the I3 idea. It's designed for average person who cares about environment but can't afford $80k for a car for daily commute AND for occationally for a long distance trip(not recommened because of the compact size of the car not becuase it can't). The generator eats oil which theretically makes the car can travel to anyway on today's roads running on electricity only most of the time with the generator working. Fantastic! Though i don't know the MPG yet. Personally, i think this is the best yet most realistic solution(given the sale price).

      How difficult it is for BMW to replace the generator with more advanced batteries anyway in the future once the battery tech is really fancy and the charging networking built up? I would say they can do it overnight!

      Again, Tsla is a good car but not good enough to support the current price. Even some of the longs know that this bubble will burst sometime, they just want to ride the bubble to $200 and make a nice profit there first. But if history tells anything, then it's not worth the risk is the lesson i learned.

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      • You know the i3 generator is an option, right? Brings USA MSRP to $45k for the i3.

      • The i3 is a dud. It is not a lame ICE car and a lame BEV! Not safe for highways or even in the regular streets with all the SUVs around here or even in Europe. Better off buying a BMW 335i for $40k.

        BMW has huge overhead, they are not focussed on BEVs. They are too tied to legacy ICE tech. They will be displaced just like Nokia/Blackberry got displaced by Apple and Samsung once the tech changed towards smartphones. When tech changes, old leaders are seldom new leaders.

        Looking at Tesla, got to look at their technical competitive advantage, award winning design, innovative manufacturing and the economies of scale.

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