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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Aug 2, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    Telsa has big plans for Singapore. ==== I should say had

    They opened a store. Didn't sell one car. Then closed the store.

    Don't worry - it was a proof of concept store not a real store.

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    • what, not even the facebook billionaire guy out there picking one up? sad, really sad.

    • I'm not sure if Elon will draw a similar speculation for the poor retail longs about China in the coming CC. They experienced the same issues there according to an interview with their Sales Director: They can't get the show room approved from the Chinese Goverment anytime soon.And China won't provide incentive to a forien car maker And Different from USA market, the Chinese local goverment won't support to build infrastracture named super charger to compete their own Electric car industry And...

      But i'm sure Elon will say: i believe TSLA will SOON start selling TSLA in China and there are many rich peoples there waiting to buy one...

      I don't know why weak shorts are covering with almost a certain thing that TSLA bubble will burst although nobody can predict when, it will be surely below current levels...

    • ispamm Aug 5, 2013 8:01 AM Flag

      what is the purpose of this post?

    • magpye44 Aug 3, 2013 9:07 AM Flag

      Wow without Singapore what will they do? That city state is almost 75% of the global auto market. Derp

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    • "Just six months after opening an office in the Singapore's downtown Suntec City commercial center, with the hope of selling its electric Roadster there soon, Tesla packed its bags last week. The departure stems from the carmaker's inability to secure lucrative incentives that could have pushed the price of its groundbreaking electric sports car from upwards of the equivalent of $400,000 down to about $250,000. Tesla had supposedly lined up about a dozen likely buyers in the market, but only on the condition that the tax breaks would be available.

      The Straights Times reports that Singapore's Economic Development Board rejected the company's request for incentives because the Roadster failed to meet “technical requirements” for the program. “Unfortunately, Singapore has not turned out to be the market we hoped it would be,” said Tesla's Asia-Pacific director, Kevin Yu, to the paper. “We do hope that at some point in the future conditions will be right for re-entry...We have no plans at this point.”"


    • you sook deek

    • I pity you....138.00 on your face.....

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    • Source?

    • Nice try once again but that was over 2 years ago and before the Model S was out.

      Gas was 30 cents in the early 1970's. How about a post about that if you're going to use old news?

      TSLA basically at an all-time high. How does that feel?

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      • 1 Reply to justthefactsmaam_ok
      • Justhefacts, can you possibly explain the direct correlation between, Tesla, the stock, and Tesla, the company? Because there is none! Does it really matter if the Singapore store closed two years ago? What DOES matter is Blankenship was mainly responsible for the absolute mess of the whole poorly-handled venture. It was mostly the fault of pitiful planning and poor follow through by Tesla.

        While you're at it, do you also wish to sweep the Monaco fiasco under the carpet as well? That's the main problem with Tesla, the company. Someone always manages to kick the proverbial can down the road. In the end, the Piper MUST be paid, pal. Crow about the all-time stock high as much as you wish. The fact is, Tesla, the company, is virtually unable to generate any sort of redeemable profits..... unless ZEV selling is a new profit avenue?

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