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  • dogzdrinkcoffee dogzdrinkcoffee Aug 9, 2013 12:31 AM Flag


    I've been a long here since the 30's, I've been long and strong but I had 200 calls and Lost money even as TSLA roared up 23 points!!! Was sure they would have been 28K, but NO! They opened at a value of $5700, but i didn't sell until $2700! DAMN! That is absolute proof this baby has topped! GET OUT LONGS! Save yourselves - you have been my brethren for months - but let's live to fight another day. No institutional interest left, huge gap to fill, no short squeeze coming (or the calls would have gone up as a hedged interest. IT IS GOING DOWN NOW! I love the company, the message and the long term - but it needs to consolidate. That's ok, we will stay strong - let the shorts have their day too.

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    • Lets see if you are right......I sold my 50% position (AGAIN, second time in last 2 months)....I will buy on any dip towards high 130s....

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Option market makers are real thieves. They play with the equations to screw the buyers. I hate them so much I no longer play. Even when you make the correct call they #$%$. If a market call goes against you they #$%$ even more. So you stay out of the options unless you are real sure you can catch them off guard. All the theoretical books in the world do not mention how a #$%$ market maker operates. They are the true #$%$ of the earth and the only winning move is not to play.

    • you should be in "longer term calls" if your cross-playing... and real solid LONGS go for likek "JAN2015" CALLS... GONNA BE BUYING A BOATLOAD OF THOSE...

      if you do options ...which is dangerous you have to "cross cover" if you do near-term stuff...

      I don't advocate that with a stock like Tesla... buy dips is good... but if you do with "calls" make sure they aren't too near term...

      puts on this stock I wouldn't touch at all... it's too easy to make "fairly safe easy money" on this "continually range increasing" to dicey and nerve-wracking to do "cross combined SHORT-TERM put and call mixes"...

      that my also give up too much on "rapid trading because of buy/sell spreads" THAT ANOTHER REASON I DON'T USE TESLA FOR THAT...

      QQQ is best for high-frequency short-term in/out mixed option plays... best spreads, best liquidity...naz is always moving up/down...THAT IS ABSOLUTE BEST for playing options...APPLE was also other good choice...2nd favorite

    • I've read these replies and you newbies don't understand. I am a LONG, been here a long time (changed my "handle" in May because the old one had part of my name in it) and made alot of moola (a 3.6 bagger) plus tons more on options. But they have dried up. The calls have no demand, the short interest is nearly gone (that was the runup from 132 to 145 pre- ER), a topping red dogi star with a huge gap to fill, followed by no commitment on a low volume day - dudes, it is a flashing red sign - and NO I never short stocks(only do options and have none now. I still LOVE this company and wish it all the best success. But it WILL pull back early next week to around 132 range. I don't expect a "crash" but it could go lower. I said it last night, I am a true long - but sensible. I'm just trying to help a brother (or 2) out. Yes people see these posts, but there aren't enough people seeing this to influence the market - therefore that is not my intent - Save yourselves! It will stay a great company, but it wil pull back - maybe not further down than the 132 level, but it will come back over time, and slower (and I will never be far either) - just trying to help.

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      • I don't know where the market is going and because of that I have sold all of my stocks other than CFP where I expect to get 18% interest and bought just a little SDS....I cannot short individual stocks because of IRA regulations so to be clear I am not shorting TSLA. Should the market reverse and go up I will sell SDS of course. I truly like TSLA and the story and I want to be back at some point.

    • ispamm Aug 9, 2013 6:58 AM Flag

      What if I told you your posts here do not manipulate the stock?

    • Are SHORTS really getting this desperate that they are trying to act like successful longs predicting a crash? BAHAHAHAHAHA

    • You are wrong! And options into earnings without a spread is a stupid strategy ! You lost coz u were stupid! Doesn't say anything about tesla! Buy spreads to play earnings Orelse you are going to be crushed! All otm calls in pcln are also going to be crushed or at the most break even! Be smart and take advantage of the volatility

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Hey #$%$, Buying calls ahead of TSLA earnings has been very lucrative! ( I also got a 3.6 bagger in the stock itself). Yes, a gamble, but lucrative! It jumps up 23 points and the calls lose value? That is a very big sign of no need to cover short positions -demand dried up = no one buying! Or it would have soared and continued today. It didn't! Lack of commitment by showing a follow on day with lower volume. tru committment would be a very big "volume up" day. It won';t crash to the 80's or whatever the lunatics say, but to 132 ish by early next week. Trying to help a brother out.

    • Slow down sweetie slow down.... you are scaring my herd. Go back to sleep it was just a nightmare. I wish I can say that he is a FOOL but I have seen this story before. Just do some research on MLNX. I said it yesterday I will say it today LONGS you are being PLAYED.... I know my voyage with TSLA is coming to an end I was hoping for a few more months of cheese (Who moved my cheese) by Spencer Johnson is a really good book you guys should read it if you have not already. If you have read it again. It is time to move I won't lie to you there is no new longs (funds) coming... there is no short squeeze. I tried to tell you yesterday but no-one wanted to hear the answer. I was actually stunned by the amount of new dumb money that moved in while big money where selling with the left hand and shorting with the right. I can keep typing but I think I am waisting your time you already have made up your minds. Just remember that when they give you what you want to see that is the time you need to get out. It is an illusion. GL

    • True longs cannot see the top! They will lose all their profits...

    • I agree, but it will eventually start to consolidate back at the $50 level. Enjoy the ride.

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