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  • commodities34 commodities34 Aug 13, 2013 2:53 AM Flag

    Pretty Far-Fetched Idea

    Musk certainly has fun ideas but we don't live in a comic book or cartoon. This transport system, from just a physics standpoint, is difficult to believe, yet fairly easy to dream up. Look, we can all think of interesting futuristic "ideas" and this one is nothing more than a dream with very little substance. Nothing he did with Space X or Tesla was a new idea yet this transport system is supposed to be accepted because the guy can build a good rocket and a good car? Again, not hating on Musk, he's a bright guy, but a half intelligent guy can dream up some things like this all the time. So long as we want to throw physics and practicality out the window then I guess we'll accept anything that comes out of the mouth of any successful businessman. It's fun to listen to but this has a near zero chance of ever getting just a scaled down version of it built in the next 100 years.

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    • I just have to shake my head in disbelief. Humans are incredibly negative, and this post is just a prime example. At least Elon Musk tries to imagine (and create) things that we can never imagine. He has a track record of success. Let him give this a try as well. He pulled all-nighters for this.

      And what do you do? Post on Yahoo. I am assuming you are half intelligent?

    • Yes. Far fetched. You might say he is pixilated. A dreamer. A visionary.
      And then he executes. Don't get in his way. He executes. Cover and walk away dude, better yet, RUN.
      Cuz he executes. :)

      Really, trust me, Mush may not be any Einstein ( although if you believe in reincarnation, he does have a resemblance), but he is smart enough to know his idea is sound enough to present it in front of the WHOLE WORLD full of very very bright minds and skeptical scientists and conservative engineers. Who are we little people to criticize him.
      He (or I should say we) may not get it past the resistance of half wits like many on this board, and especially the politicians and the hoi polloi, for years, but eventually it will happen. I had a similar idea over 20 years ago. The main difference is he is smarter, richer, more tenacious, and braver than I.
      He is a visionary who executes. And because I recognized that, many months ago, and invested in his companies, I am richer for it.
      I will be first in line to do a private placement in the dream machine when opportunity arises.

    • see SpaceX Grasshopper on youtube.

      That looks fake too, but it's not.

    • so easy to criticize..great job duche

    • There is already a small company building a short distance hyperloop demo version.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • anaxamandrous Aug 13, 2013 4:59 AM Flag

      Don't let any criticism get you down, commodities34. You are, after all, that voice of reason, the guy who was always on hand to keep us from rising above the status quo. Maybe it was not exactly you, but another just like you, who assured us that lasers would never be more than pretty light, never serve any useful purpose. And your voice was heard urging that we abandon space exploration altogether, and that we focus on the Earth first. Another one like you surely questioned the use of the microchip, and yet another the value of radio. Telephone was a solution in search of a problem for another person like you, and the airplane ridiculous to yet another. After all, flying was not a new idea when men were trying to make airplanes -- it had been done by balloon over 100 years previously. Your spirit was there, too, when the first steel hulled ship was built. "This changes nothing," it cried out, "as boats have been around for ages."

      You get the picture. Your sorry sort have been dragged kicking and screaming out of the Dark Ages by men and women who know progress comes by evolutionary steps as well as by revolutionary ones, but that however it will, progress must come. I do not expect humanity will ever be rid of your mindset, though it would be a wonderful development it it were.

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      • Turn off the Jetson's you moron. It's people like you that don't live in reality. Even Musk's electric car, as cool as it is, is not practical, and is not saving the planet or whatever left wing nut jobs claim. Half of electricity comes from burning coal you fool and now with electric cars you can add lithium battery and perchlorate waste to the equation. Once again, Musk is an interesting guy, but his ideas are impractical and FAR-FETCHED, but I guess it's idiots like you that will keep his companies in business.

    • What purpose does your little dissertation serve? Are you jealous of the man? If you're so smart how come you didn't come up with the idea or any idea for that matter? Just sitting behind a computer writing things that are nonsensical just to get a response! Strange!

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