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  • blocktrader500k blocktrader500k Aug 14, 2013 5:12 AM Flag

    Tesla is a West Coast fad that will never catch on

    I live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and I have not seen a SINGLE Tesla vehicle. I also travel to New York regularly, where I have also never seen one. Through simple deduction, if I can't find a Tesla in the World's most populace and "stylish" city or one of the most trend-happy Florida metro areas (which includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm), I have no choice but to believe Tesla is a West Coast Fad. Like Crocs, parachute pants and neon clothing, these West Coast fads die quickly. Tesla is currently valued as a company selling 800k's not folks and it likely never will. Tesla may be a good speculative buy at $90-110 but it's due for a pullback and it likely will be a violent one. There's a reason Goldman Sachs price target is only $94

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    • show what you see is tied to the stock price? Better tell Cramer

    • Well really, what do you expect? Of course things start on the West Coast. What the hell starts in the South? Grits? Yeah, that has become popular! You remind me of a letter to the editor in Time magazine when they did a cover story on the iPod. Some girl from a Southern college wrote and said that it was nonsense; that all her friends used Walkmans and no one used iPods and it was just a West Coast fad. Yeah, true!

      Oh, I live in Seattle and there are Teslas in my neighborhood, electricity is cheap and 96% hydro and wind. Just because where you live is backward doesn't mean the whole world is the same!

      Now go burn some more coal and stick your head in the sand.

    • well cornhuskers NE, I spotted two and in viking territory MN, spotted 4. If you have sh1tty taste in cars, you wouldn't notice ;)

    • mdean108 Sep 10, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

      You are in correct. The Tesla Car has the most sales in the state of Washington. 1 out of every 8 cars sold, luxury, was a Tesla.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I went to Atlanta and spent a week there last month. didn't see one TSLA either. Live in DC area, haven't seen one here either

    • thats what they said about east coast and west coast rappers too, look now? what are you gonna be listen to in your EV? that's right dawg

    • Florida is a trashbin state for the most part. Plus most people in florida live on the coast and enjoy the beach or live inland raising cattle and horses.

    • some of the richest areas in the US aren't West Coast..your views are distorted and have no value on a discussion board.

    • Dixie is the Confederate culture area, more distinct from the USA than Greece is from Northern Europe. Texas, which has its own history, is the only Southern state that pays net taxes to Washington. The rest are on welfare, dependent on Texas and the Blue States. The federal programs that their politicians want ended actually keep Hush Puppies on the table. Their program is to drive their sick, very low income, and near-indigent older people out and North as a replay of their "successful" program of driving out newly surplus agricultural workers and families in the 1950's and 1960's. US life expectancy now is the lowest among Western developed countries because it's so low in the Confederate culture area. There is a county in Mississippi where the male life expectancy in 2010 was between 66 and 67 - way down in developing country stats though it's not really assimilating/developing.

      The mantra in Dixie is that if something's worth doing a big corporation would have done it. As much venture capital is spent in all of Dixie in a year as is spent in just Texas and that's a fraction of California. Our US has spent phenomenal sums developing the rest of the world.. But it hasn't developed Mississippi in the 148 years since the Civil War and Mississippi has fewer than 3 million people. The War on Poverty was the last attempt at Reconstruction that there will be for the South and its diaspora in the North. Politician LBJ knew that to make it happen it had to be a very wasteful across the board expenditure. It failed, aborted by the expense and disorders of the Vietnam War.

      The present struggles and lock in Congress are party a replay of the Civil War. That will fail too. The only message there can be for Dixie is simple - become part of this century or leave. Mexico is a better low cost labor area. Corporations are buying from Congress a big wave of both high tech and low skilled labor in the immigration bills. Shape up or ship out.

    • Tesla is the auto version of Gang-nam Style! Here today gone tomorrow. One-hit-wonder!

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