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  • equityrich equityrich Aug 22, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Tesla going to $500 and beyond fast

    The momentum traders and chart traders don't look at or care about valuation. That is what the shorts and fundamental investors do not understand. This one is a rocket ride because it will keep beating estimates and it doesn't matter that the valuation does not fit. It just has to beat. $500 per share and beyond coming. This will be larger than GM by the end of the year.

    Also if you don't believe this is possible sneak a peak at GME. Gamestop has been losing revenues and profits YOY for years now. Yet in spite of it the stock has spiked from 20 to 55. All this on lower revenues and profits quarter after quarter, year after year. Technicals and momentum plus shorts.

    Time to load up some long calls on TSLA and ride the wave and don't worry about anything dumb like fundamentals. Charts and momentum are the name of the game for this year in TSLA

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    • Well, I do not completely agree. Fundamentals are very important however they are not the entire equation. One unknown factor is psychology. Tesla is a classic example and proof that human psychology is a powerful factor and should not be underestimated. I shorted tsla a couple of times and got burned until I decided to change my psychological approach. I started to trust Elon Musk that he will be able to keep his promises. Is this stupid? I don't know, but I will find out. So far I overcompensated my losses I suffered from my shorts by far. So far, so good. Nobody really knows where the market is going, so when people claim they know what will happen tomorrow I have to smirk. That does not mean that I think they are "stupid", "idiots", or all the other names I read here (which I am embarrassed about), it just means that they can not know. We are all cultivated and civilized investors, or are we not?
      The best we can base our decision on is an educated guess which is based on each individual knowledge. I for example know that Europe is a gigantic market for electric cars. All European car manufacturers experimented with it for years, but left the plans locked up in the cabinet. Why? The oil lobby! Now they are completely taken off guard because these gigantic organizations can not change course that quickly. They are like aircraft carriers which are forced to make turns like a speed boat. That is the advantage which Elon Musk is aware of and he takes it. Wouldn't you?
      I bought a couple of hundred apple shares in 1985 and actually forgot about it. When I found it, it was a pleasant surprise. I also bought 5000 google shares at their IPO. I sold them three years later. Yes I made some money but BOY I should have kept them. The message is: I have the strong feeling tesla is a game changer like apple or google. Based on what I know and feel I expect the best.
      Always happy investing!

    • Also.... shut up...

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