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  • fmrmlbcatcher fmrmlbcatcher Sep 10, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Hey Hey hey shorts guess what day it is, oh come on..That's right it is stick it up the shorts #$%$ day hey hey hey

    Whoa hoo

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    • catcher--When a batter would strike out, did you jump up and laugh at him and tell him how terrible he was? I'm guessing not. Probably for several reasons, including "bad karma" perhaps. Same holds true here. The move yesterday was the stock pointing to the fences telling you where it is going. It will correct. Could be today, tomorrow, or next week, but it will happen.

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      • Punt, like I have stated time and time again. I don't like to see anybody lose money. If you are Lon or short we are both trying to accomplish the same goal, Make Money. You have to look out for the fraud user of form FMRMBCATCHER, he or she leaves out the letter L in MLB. Yes a few of us crack back on each other, but that is in good fun. Again like I have posted. I have a major holding long at the $37 area. I won't sell untill $140. That is my bail out price. But on a day to day play, I trade the swings long and short. I don't fall in love with any stock. I'm here for the money. So best of luck to you.

    • When I used to see big African American men in the shower naked I would get a warm fuzzy feeling! God, I'd kill for those days again!

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