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  • fmrmlbcatcher fmrmlbcatcher Sep 19, 2013 4:32 PM Flag

    O.K. So $200 is the magic number. Only $23 away. Who wants to buy at $180 to take the shot for a $20 gain

    Not me.

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    • $200 is not the final magic number. If we hit $200, analysts will keep raising the price target. Look at NFLX and LNKD. It keeps going up and up. The only things that will bring these momentum stocks down is if there is some disappointing news or the market is tanking. We have neither here.

    • Longs don't think like you...Smart post.

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    • No sh..t not me... Started a short position of 700 shares at $180, will add up to 2000 shares..

    • Not me either. Here is why:
      I am on the UQM message board as well and I explained that my first and only priority is to make money. I explained why I got out of tesla and bought UQM. Here it is:

      To make it more clear what I mean concerning leverage, here is an example:

      Lets say I own 2000 tesla shares at a current price of $178. This equals $356,000
      Lets say tesla increases by $0.5 that would mean 2000 shares x $0.5 = $1000

      Lets say I sell tesla and for the $356,000 I buy UQM at a price of about $1.5 which would be 237.300 shares.
      Lets say UQM increases by $0.5 that would mean 237300 shares x $0.5 = $118,650

      I clearly prefer UQM. Wouldn't you?

      The probability that UQM will gain momentum is relatively high because it is a player in this emerging market and is clearly undervalued having these new market conditions in mind. Tesla is currently in a territory which is not communicating with the numbers. It is pure psychology and hype not based on facts.

      But I must say, I just came back from a test drive with the model S. Man what a car!!!

      But as I said, I am here to make money that doesn't keep me from loving tesla anyway.

      Azbo2803 Less

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    • You're assuming $200 is the peak. I think it goes much higher than that. Still a buy, but not a strong buy.

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    • You are absolutely right if $200 was the end of the road for Tesla. The real pop comes as we go towards earnings and right after as they will blow out the estimates. Other PTs are $230 and even $300. I'm staying with TSLA for at least another 2 to 3 years minimum. GL

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