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  • overvalued100 overvalued100 Sep 29, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    A new model S received 2 days ago would not start-what kind of quality TSLA has?

    Anew owner friends say it is an expensive paper weight. TSLA has more promises broken than kept. They do not fix-they will say we will fix it as the cars wait for a month in service center? How are they going to sell Gen X car to masses? who is going to provide the capital they need to build cars for masses?If they can not fix problems for 1000 cars on the road, how are they going to fix 10,000 cars? Now you have to wait a MONTH to get your car fixed at TSLA service center. That is right a MONTH? Do you want to buy a car from TSLA?

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    • There is no start on EVs. checked that post and he did drive the car. it look to be an issue with the 12 volt battery. not something that QC can detect. Tesla does not make the 12 Volt batteries. I had my share of defective 12 volt batteries. nothing new here, it can happen to anyone and it will not be the last.

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    • In all fairness there will be 20,000 cars on the road. However there in lies the problem. They can no longer handle all the repair work from lack of quality control. I just came from reading and saw the new post to which you refer. the guy took delivery at his home and went out to start the car and it's dead. It is the 12 volt battery problem that many owners have been complaining about. Instead of fixing known problems Elon is shipping cars that that have no quality control. It only will get worse. The wait time to get a new Model s in the US is now down to three weeks equal to the wait time to get an appointment to get your car fixed. Owners are starting to complain very openly as before they had unbrideled enthusiasm.

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