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  • asaurusmike asaurusmike Oct 3, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    why all the shorts on this board are wrong

    The shorts are pulling some fox news style story telling and attempting to use fear mongering to scare you into selling. Yes, the firefighter noted that their was a fire in the battery. But the shorts want you to think that it was caused by the battery, not a collision that damaged the battery. Shorts want you to see the fire and not think "the fire was isolated to the frunk and never touched the passenger cabin". I covered my short yesterday upon reading that the fire was not spontaneous, but this fire has showed that the Tesla is an amazingly safe car. GOP fear mongering is being used as a catalyst to drive it down. Good luck to all. The high price is irrational, but selling due to the model s proving it is the safest car on the road is also irrational.

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    • The stock is irrationally priced because they have no earnings and they are competing in an industry the sucks to begin with. Only the super rich can afford a coal powered car anyway? Wait till Mercedes and BMW bring out their coal powered cars.....then what?

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    • cavanyc Oct 3, 2013 8:25 AM Flag

      The car is a moving bomb dude.

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      • Explain? The battery was damaged in a collision, a cell ignited, the battery failsafe contained the flame to a few cells, the fire was directed away from tue passenger cabin. "Bomb" is an exxageration. An ICE vehicle is carries gallons of flammable, andd if undr pressure, explosive gasoline. Do you consider these bombs? Right now you sound as ignorant as the naive longs I deal with every day on this.board. listen, there are reaaons for this stock to drop, this is nit one. This has shown that the model s is q very safe car. After the initial reaction if fear, people will read the investigation aand buy back in.

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