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  • jjliujames jjliujames Oct 9, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    50 days average touched

    Technically speaking, Tesla is dangerous now, if stock breaks through 50 days moving average, it is really hard to tell where it will land. probably go down to 130. since Elon bought some of stocks at 100, 130 might be a good support. I currently have no position on Telsa, i sold my put options for some profits. Products are good, if this stock does go down to 120 or 130 , I might buy some call options before earning release. good products, i do believe the sale volume would be much higher than expected. but current valuation is not rational. Good luck to both sides (both side can win, just need to enter and exit at the right time)

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    • definatemaybe71 Oct 9, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

      Technicals and some market sentiment are out the window for the most part till govt #$%$ is over it just looks down to me overall and ill risk a smaller profit on covering a short thats over as opposed to buying the rally when they announce its settled. Im not betting the farm but, i am betting a few cattle its going down to within 6 hours of deadline. Dont take my advice but the inflated favorites are getting hit hard dont restrict trading here sell and buy the others theyre all trading exactly the same. Overlay the charts what im saying is idiotic in typical market but this isnt typical be smart.... Like when your uncle told you, it wont hurt so much if you dont resist. Dont turn this rape into a murder

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