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  • qrius07734 qrius07734 Oct 22, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    I know this is a short sighted stock board, but get out of your charts and consider the big picture for a second.

    Gas is dead. Its ridiculous it is 2013 and our cars are running on the same gas engine technology from 100 years ago, given its huge drawbacks on health, expense, pollution and energy efficiency. Tesla has finally broken through the entrenched interests that stifled this obvious superior replacement to the ancient ICE.

    Its finally time to progress out of the dark ages, and people are tired of the dirtiness, expense, unnecessary repair/refueling complexity and turnover of ICE vehicles.

    Goodbye car stink, exhaust, gas stations, expensive repairs, dealerships, gas refineries, us cash flow to middle east oil politics, lung cancer and bloated car companies.

    Hello electric plug and outlet. It was always just sitting there, powering every other single thing with a huge build-in infrastructure, and we were too inflexible and entrenched to use it and preferred to kill ourselves with exhaust fumes and pollution, bankrupt ourselves with middle east wars and inconvenience ourselves with repairs and energy inefficiency. All because our cars ran on gas and not electricity.

    Maybe by 2050 we can have all our medical files stored and accessible electronically. The human race is sad.

    Tesla is the tipping point of a tower that has been waiting to fall for decades but been propped up by decades of trillions of wasted dollars, millions of lives, and millions of hours of productivity and value wasted.

    This is why Elon Musk and Tesla is not just a car company, but a revolution that Elon knows needs to take place to stop our continuation of destroying ourselves because we are too inflexible and short sighted to alter it ourselves.

    He is doing us a favor by showing us the path out of this, and even overcame our own stupidity with a vision that even appeals to the inflexible short sighted mind.

    It is amazing and hopeful that this came from an American car company.

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