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  • futurecartsla futurecartsla Oct 25, 2013 8:44 PM Flag

    Elon is right, SHILLS are out in full force

    Attacks on electric cars by the oil industry are on a par with misinformation campaigns promoted by big tobacco companies and vested interests undermining climate science, according to Elon Musk, the serial entrepreneur who founded PayPal and the brains behind both the space exploration company SpaceX and the electric sports carmaker Tesla Motors. The oil giants, he reckons, are attempting to sow the seeds of doubt.

    Speaking before the opening of Tesla's new luxury store in the Westfield shopping mall in Shepherd's Bush, London, last night, Musk told the Guardian: "It's kinda like the battle against 'big tobacco' in the old days, and how they'd run all these ads about how tobacco's no problem.

    -The Guardian

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    • If anyone is a shill for big oil, it's Elon Musk and the Tesla church cult followers. Big oil knows electric cars will never have mass appeal. You can't drive them in the winter without losing half the range. And the battery replacement cost makes it more expensive than using gas to operate. Once the batteries are used up, they form a toxic waste problem. Electric cars are NOT a long term solution.

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      • Ok, Tesla cult. Instead of just voting me down, why don't you address what I posted. How many people who live in areas where it gets cold are going to buy a battery operated car knowing they'll lose half the range? How many people realize that the supercharging will drastically reduce the battery life?How many people know that the cost of replacing the battery is around $30,000 or more than the price of most new cars? How many people know that the cost of operating a tesla that has been being posted around the web DOES NOT include the cost or replacing the battery?

        All in all, Teslas are only for the very wealthy. Those who only plan on driving a car for a few years before replacing it and live in warm areas like California or Florida. THIS IS NOT a car that will ever make sense to any working person (majority of americans).

    • archmiguelrdz Oct 26, 2013 4:19 PM Flag

      I think the problem not only in the US but in this F* world is overpopulation
      seriously. the workers are forced to work harder to give to the lazy
      its ridiculous

    • These pure electric cars will put a lot of America companies out of business. There is much less parts and much less mechanic to install/maintain. No transmission, no complicated engine, much less regular maintenance. A lot of people will be out of work when more electric cars are on the road. Is this good or bad?

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      • What happens when the cure for cancer is found. Why do you think we don't have a cure now?
        Look at all the cancer researchers , doctors & nurses that would be out of work.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Well, a lot of American companies have already gone out of business due to other reasons.

        Taxation - companies are almost "encouraged" to send jobs overseas.
        Unions - you know the drill.
        Pension promises...
        Cost of living rising here demands higher wages by employees.
        HEALTH CARE (ahem, Obamacare has cut small business workers' hours to 25 or less)
        No Tariffs for incoming products, unlike Canada, Europe, Asia.

        Our government is highly to blame for creating a poor environment for job growth in this county.

        DO NOT BLAME EVs. EVs are at least a chance to gain ground again in a small degree to produce something that actually makes sense. But I do believe that in 10-15 years, 2/3 of all EVs sold in the USA will have been made offshore. Bah - more of the same.

      • It's a good thing. If those jobs are so easily displaced it suggests they weren't adding anything to the economy.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Just to show you how low they will stoop: the evil gnomes in the service of big oil and bid auto recruited a quisling to file a safety complaint (NHTSA ID Number: 10548245) about excessive wear on the inside of the rear tires.

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      • Seems like a valid complaint that should be investigated and Tesla should look into if there is an alignment problem with some cars. Every car I've ever purchased has had recalls new or used.. I also think the stock value may be on the high side right now but then again, it might go higher regardless, it might go down short term, who cares, I'm not interested in short term. I'm also sure their are shills out in full force bashing EV's and the downplaying the environmental impact that ICE cars are having.

    • Future, what you need to understand you, poor, uninformed, little boy is this is NOT about the EV, it's about Tesla, the company. It's about a poorly designed sales process, numerous boasts unfulfilled, and an inability to make money as a retailer. Seriously, what part of reality don't you get???

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