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  • childerssg85 childerssg85 Oct 27, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    Battery Advancements

    Just think of all the advancements made in battery technology over the past decade. As the costs continue to decrease year after year for batterie technology Tesla will have higher and higher gross margins and have lower and lower priced cars. Its really not difficult to see.

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    • Over 80% of the of vehicles in war were do to taking out the water cooling system! TSLA/electric Vehicle won't have this problem!

    • Completely incorrect. Battery technologies have improved due to advancements in materials, namely rare earths. The whole thesis of cheaper batteries relies on the idea of lower prices on rare earths which bottomed in June '13 and have now climbed over 25% higher since. If you can't see this then you are kidding yourself....Tesla will not be able to produce a lower cost vehicle with the same attributes as the S...they're a done company.

    • They aren't using fancy exotic new technology. They're essentially using LAPTOP BATTERIES. Because they're cheaper. Read... that's how they have thousands of cells. Meanwhile other automakers are at least trying new things with fewer cells. Teslas aren't even the newer laptop batteries. There are already millions of people using them so scale isn't really going to help lower prices much more.

    • whatever..
      Surely you are not serious.
      I've owned my iphone , power saws and drills , flashlights and numerous other
      battery items.. Two years cuts charge in half u idiot.
      However iphone battery is six bucks online....not the{{{{ $14,000.00 }}}}} for Tesla S replacement battery cost.
      Keep drinkin the kool-aid Chi85

      • 1 Reply to varyrandy
      • Remind me.....Are you iphone, power saw or Drill batterys thermally stable and controlled with a coolant systems...? Or do they just retain as much heat as the current draw you demand when under heavy usage...?

        I know my ridgid batteries with a LIFE TIME warrenty have built in thermal protection and will shut off and not allow me to over load the battery thus degrading it.... My Samsung phone does not have the same thermal protection and thus it looses life every 3 - 4 yrs

        It's amazing what engineers can do to extend life of components.

    • Childerssg
      Tesla is using the oldest battery tech available. That is why they have cheaper prices for their battery than anyone believed possible. Essentially the factories would be shut down if Tesla stops buying those batteries as no one else want them at present. (And no the companies wont build new factories and sell them to Tesla at this price. This is why after talking to the Li Ion battery producers Musk said they may have to build their own "Giga-factory."

      I'm not a battery expert or electrical engineer but I see no real downside to using it as is. The new batteries are thin and flat for tablets and phones etc.
      The fact that the bigger forms save a bit on weight (primarily less casing weight and less wiring weight.)
      While these are not insubstantial Tesla has over come that and the possible problems with additional connections.
      The larger forms are harder to control thermally.

      To switch to a newer battery type will be most expensive to the one with the largest battery.
      As a high end niche vehicle Model S and the X should do fine.
      The gen III a low cost vehicle?
      There aren't enough of the old tech small batteries being built.
      Which takes us once again back ti why Elon talked about the need for Tesla or 'someone', (who apparently wasn't going to be the battery manufacturers he talked to) has to build a "Giga-factory".
      Which nobody will do unless Tesla agrees to buy their product for ten or more years. (Long enough to depreciate the plant and equipment. This for a factory which hasn't been designed or permitted yet. )

      Which would lock Tesla into 10 years of old tech. I can't see Tesla agreeing to this.

    • common_sense_beats_stupidity common_sense_beats_stupidity Oct 27, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

      Wrong. Battery advancements will commoditize the technology and everybody will be able to make long range EVs. Tesla does not own this field and everything that it does can be easily replicated. Competition will crush Tesla's margins which, they do not have anyway.

      Despite all the hoopla Tesla at the moment is the guinea pig for the industry. Big boys are closely watching it and deciding whether EV is a lucrative market to go after. The second they decide that it is they will wipe the floor with Tesla. Imagine for a moment that MB, BMW, Audi and Lexus (Toyota) roll out products with characteristics similar to those of Tesla cars. Who do you think customers will flock to? A still fledgling startup that is bleeding cash or players with deep pockets, decades of track record, established dealer and service networks and pretty good customer service?

    • why not just burn the fuel directly in a vehicle and cut out the middle man? Not hard to see. I love my new natural gas powered Honda I can fillup in my garage with my cheap residential non-taxed natural gas. Less than a buck per gallon equivalent. why burn natural gas to make electricity, then use electricity to charge battery to run car??? Lets cut out the middle men, eh childerssg85??? Not hard to see, not hard at all.

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