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  • delljohn70 delljohn70 Nov 2, 2013 12:51 PM Flag

    What most americans don't realize is people in other continents pay generally 2 times more for auto fuel then in USA.

    The S car is like a miracles for europe...The people will save so much money with the S car that it will pay for itself over time.....The cost of petroleum will only go up....Buy

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    • Venezuela has .16/gallon gas. Brazil offers a high-ethanol fuel rather than oil-based gas. It all depends on the level of government management of their people. Wait a while and it will change.

      Say, why isn't the Nissan Leaf "a miracles" for Europe? It was the #1 selling car in Norway in October, selling 730+, more than the number as Tesla did in September. Tesla sold only 98 in October in Norway perhaps due to routing of cars to other areas of Europe.

    • dell,....Oil is a global commodity, oil cost in the US is the same as Europe. The Euros tax gasoline heavily, but, diesel isn't taxed as much and is widely used. Some countries have luxury taxes, Tesla would probably be classified as a "luxury" and be taxed. Tesla isn't going to save the planet as it's energy, electricity, is mainly produced by fossil fuels. The politicians aren't going to give Tesla free use of the highways and they will find a way to tax Teslas.

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      • regardless to how electricity is produce, the cost of charging a S car is less then 100 annually compare to $3000 for gasoline fuel.
        furthermore, the supercharging stations are using solar energy .

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      • Except in Norway where EVs seemingly are offered a red-carpet no-tolls, no import tax style of attention. This couldn't happen in other EU countries but since Norway is "rich" due to the oil revenues they have grown from, they can do this special treatment.

        EVs will not really "save the world". Education of the population is key to limiting family sizes in some nations. And this is a huge problem because right now there is a large amount of "competitive procreation" in some religious sects trying to gain more control of world land and resources.

    • Due to taxation by those countries.

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