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  • cbmlb2002 cbmlb2002 Nov 13, 2013 2:06 AM Flag

    No recall = Greed above Safety

    Tsla to 30 by next year.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Dumb Short for greed...
      The fire thing with Tesla (TSLA) cars is starting to get a bit out of hand. And, by that, I mean people continue to make a huge deal over what I still continue to see as commonplace. And Tuesday, the lunacy continued with talks of a recall until saner minds like Elon Musk prevailed - at least for now.

      I wrote an article earlier this week asking if Tesla was cheap enough for the bears yet - it's taken almost a 20% haircut since it's highs in October. The fire hype continues to "assist Tesla stock with its correction".

      On Tuesday it was being reported that there haven't been any discussions of a recall for the Model S - yet another unprovoked negative headline in this investors opinion.

      That led me to ask: who the hell even seriously asked about a recall?

      So, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated at the New York Times DealBook conference on Tuesday that there is definitively going to be no recall. He also reemphasized that the company has a strong safety record. Tesla continues to use these fire concerns to continue to convey how safe their vehicles are - after all, all three drivers made it out unscathed.

      But, again I ask, why would there be concern here?

      I had already pointed out in a previous article that while a total of three fires are being opined and scrutinized about in the world of Tesla, companies like GM are recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles at a time because of things like "power window and door lock modules that can overheat and catch fire "while the car is parked". As I put it earlier this month, I'd bet Tesla has the "door handle" problem figured out at this point.

      As a reminder, there are about 19,000 Tesla cars on the road worldwide right now - these three fires represent 0.01% of Tesla owners - and all three of those 0.01% struck an object at a high speed. If you don't want your car to catch fire, don't run it into things at high speeds.

      The latest fire was due to running over a tow hitch. Tow hitch - large, steel, heav

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      • These fires are related to specific kinds of impact that compromise the undercarriage. Cars are not normally tested for that kind of impact.
        Elon knows it is a big problem and has known since the Washington accident. He has been spinning is #$%$ off ever since.

        Do you think that there is a chance in Hades that the next Model S or similar car will have the same shield underneath or will NOT have modifications to deal with the fire issue? No. No and No again. Of course he will fix it. He knows the design is not adequate. He should step up now to avoid being vetted and called out. He`s rolling the dice. Hope like heck there wont be another fire. Good luck with that.
        And he has to raise money now and so he will spin until after the next dilution.

    • open your ears your #$%$ watch the interview, he explains why a recall is pointless and only wished by shorted POS like you ;)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Musk spins and outright lies.
        1 in 1300 cars. 1 in 8000 Teslas. How many of those 1300 cars is a one year old luxury car? Probably 5% tops. So comparing apples to apples: 1 in 26,000 1 year old luxury cars catches fire.
        So a Model S is 3 times more likely to catch fire than other 1 year old luxury cars.

        Safety. Public perception. Insurance.

        Again during the interview, he said the fire in Mexico was "a small fire in the front of the car."
        The fire in Mexico was huge 10 to 15 foot flames the engulfed half the car and two loud explosions. It was a spectacular fire. Watch the video Elon. He lied. Or he doesn`t know the facts. And we are expected to believe him when he throws out numbers about the extent of the impact force?

        CNBC ran the footage of the Washington video as Elon described the Mexico fire. The Washington video, though impressive, pales in comparison to the Mexico fire.

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