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  • olesno2002 olesno2002 Dec 20, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    The competition is scared of Tesla....

    and we can expect more deliberate fires started in the future to discredit the company. What is better than trying to scare people from parking and charging in the garage? Brilliant move!!! Remember DeLorean anyone?

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    • How about the Bricklin?

    • The price tag is scary. Anyone who would blow that much money on any car needs his/her head examined....

    • Yep, all other carmakers so scared of Tesla they are coming out with their own EVs.

      More over Tesla, here comes Renault, Audi, Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Ford, Nissan and GM. Goodbye Tesla margins and Gen3.

    • Indeed they are... And the way they are fighting back (suing Tesla) is just getting the people to hate the dealers even more. Just read the various comments on some of the articles about dealers fighting back Tesla. Dealers were already hated by many people, that number is now growing....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Electro, what you don't understand is the auto companies won't fight Tesla because the auto companies have no standing in these types of suits. It's ONLY the dealers. Obviously, you learned NOTHING, zero, zip, nada from your time as a service advisor at a dealership. You didn't pick up the fact dealers are small business people with millions of $$$ invested in their business, and will fight to protect what they do. Is this any different than Tesla fighting to do what Tesla wants?

        Really, you are so pathetically un-educated and delusional as to how businesses operate, it's pointless to argue with you. I understand you've put me on ignore (Because you're unable to effectively debate me). Fine. But I know you're reading these posts and it must irritate you to no end that you just might be wrong. But know this. You are a naive kid who was a failure at what he did. You were more-than-likely thrown out of your job and meandered around until your most current position. Enjoy or be miserable in life. I don't care either way.

      • Actually, the success of BMW plug in EVs, shows that the public likes an established dealer network with service etc. Tesla is a much better car, but BMW, due to its established network and price point,
        is doing well.

        ... and Audi, VW, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, GM, Kia, Hyundai, and Mercedes are all looking for market share. Despite having a nice car, the deck is being increasingly stacked against Tesla.

    • Well, if this trick plays again, it will get old fast and won't work. Smart investors will ignore and even weak investor will learn to pass. Even Audi had REAL certain acceleration problem a long time ago and look what it has become now. Excellent product will stand the test of time and malicious attacks just like Apple.

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      • There is no doubt that the TSLA car is great product. However, it is a niche product, they generated $1.7 billion in sales the last 4Q and generated a loss, to make a true profit they will have to scale up and introduce a mid price sedan expect the mid-priced sedan will still be over priced starting in the $40K range, the competition will have similar offerings by the time this mid-priced car gets to the market which will eliminate the margins realized on the high priced model. There is no basis for this valuation and the executives of TSLA know it, what sane executive wouldn't issue 10 million more shares at this price level, there would be minimal dilution to eps and they would get over a $1billion in capital. They won't do it because they know the price is bogus and they don't want to go to jail once the jig is up.

      • I remember that Audi almost pulled out of US market in the 80's. Look at it now...

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