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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Dec 24, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Auto industry 101 ===== no one is buying Tesla

    If GM or Toyota wanted another car platform they would develop it on their own and use parts common with other platforms. Everyone is consolidating brands and platforms. GM just shutdown Saturn, Olds, Pontiac, and Hummer. GM stopped their U-Platform after three generations.

    No one wants another platform to support.
    No one wants low volume platforms.
    No one would even consider taking on a low volume unprofitable platform PLUS taking over a very old factory in California that GM dumped a few years ago.

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    • "No one is buying Tesla" Funny how they sell everything they can build and they can't build their cars fast enough? Think before you write. Oh, and if I were you I would cover my short position.

    • Not true. GM has too much invested in ICE tech to have another platform.
      The startup companies are the only ones with nothing to lose.

      The battle will go on, but as the public becomes more aware, TSLA will win the battle.

      ANyway,TSLA is too far ahead

    • Time for new technology is now,
      If Detroit was able to compete with Tesla they would. They are dinosaurs and will be bailed out again.
      Wake up and smell the coffee. Fossil powered vehicles are no longer necessary or sought after. Tesla is a game changer. The world is starting to realize that a Tesla makes a product that is not only much more cost effective, but better than other manufacturers including Germany & Japan. Elon Musk deserves the Time Man of The Year award and he sad a pair of brass ones eom.

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      • (( Time for new technology is now, ))

        Fluff and opinion. The "technology" doesn't generate a profit. No one wants it. That's why the government has to pay people $10,000 per unit to buy these cars. Tesla doesn't make money. No one makes money selling EVs,

        It's a scam. No one has made an offer for Tesla. These rumors are sucker bait.

        Good luck.

      • Exactly how is an $80+ K vehicle more cost effective than and economy ICE or better than Germany and Japan. It hasn't been around long enough to come to that conclusion. A $20K battery good for 5 years alone and still unproven may drastically change your conclusion. That $20K would cover around 150,000 miles of fuel for an ICE. Nowadays, ICE engines and transmissions last well in excess of 200,000 miles and a fraction of the $20k to replace them.

    • My opinions, only, plse do no block Yahoo MB.

      And you forgot the biggest issue, with CEO's its always their egos. Who could direct Elon? Who could he work for? Elon would want to take credit for everything!!

      Also, financially, it would be so dilutive to the buyer -- 104x 2014 earnings! Yikes! It would look like the AOL / Time Warner merger all over again. The buyer CEO would be seen as an over-paying idiot. Like when General Mills bought Snapple for $10 billion or whatever it was.

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