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  • option_out option_out Dec 26, 2013 8:12 AM Flag

    Note to Retail Short Investors

    You can hate this company and Mr Musk with all your might, rationalize that the PE is way too high and bash like there's no tomorrow but that won't keep the stock price from climbing.

    Wall Street is here to separate you from your money. If you're not savvy enough to know when you're on the wrong side of a trade and cut your loses, you are doomed to go broke. No trader is right 100% of the time, but the smart ones know when to cut there loses... Just food for thought. O_O

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    • The bubble phenomenon is so prolific that they have a term for what is currently occurring. "Return to normal". The slightest of news will send the stock up, every retail long that didn't say a peep between the crash is suddenly back to the "Tesla is a revolution". Its almost some sort of.gamblers fallacy, the way longs rationalize this stock. They are more afraid to lose out on potential gains then they are afraid to lose their investment. This alone is not that bad. In the Tesla retail long situation, its more like the members of the peoples temple that witould rather commit suicide in the chance that they would reqfh nirvana, rather than live. Greeted has clouded your mins. Unfortunately, every retail long I have talked to refuses to listen to reason on this stock. You are no longer investing in this because you feel that it is undervalued. You are investing (speculating) because you hope others will buy in after you. This is similar to.a pyramid scheme. An unsustainable.system of growth, where or course the guys at the top of the pyramid make huge bucks, but when it crashes, everyone else loses. Good luck to all.

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