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  • networthdev networthdev Dec 27, 2013 2:15 PM Flag

    ARTICLE, EV's So Disruptive, Gas Cars Will Be Obsolete In 2016, Says Futurist"

    Google article title if interested in complete article, "Electric Cars So Disruptive, Gas Cars Will Be Obsolete In 2016, Says Futurist"

    "Thomsen suggests that electric cars are a sufficiently disruptive technology that they will lead to quick behavior changes by consumers in the market for automobiles.

    He uses the example of Nokia as a cautionary tale, noting that less than 10 years ago, that company dominated the world market for mobile phones.

    In June 2007, Apple released its first-generation iPhone, a radical new entry from a company that for three decades had confined itself to personal computers and portable music devices.

    The iPhone was such a radical rethinking of what a phone should be and how it should operate--essentially a small Internet-connected computer, operated via a touchscreen, that also provided voice calls--that it completely reset the market's vision of what a "mobile phone" should be.

    It was only a handful of early adopters who were initially excited about Apple's entry into a tough, low-margin industry dependent on volume and price competition.

    Little more than a year later, the first version of the Android mobile-phone operating system was released.

    Five years later, most readers of this site will know the outcome: Phones running either Android or Apple iOS dominate the mobile market in the developed world, and Nokia has plummeted so far that its mobile business was recently sold to Microsoft."

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