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  • keefwivaneff keefwivaneff Dec 31, 2013 7:22 AM Flag

    Battery Warranty.. A carefully researched strategy or a WILD GAMBLE with shareholders money?

    Perhaps the batteries really are SPECIAL?
    Perhaps ELOON has a crystal ball?
    (in which case he should be careful when bashing the bishop)
    Who knows?
    I don't.
    I'm a little teapot.

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    • Stop being an idiot. Do you get a 10 year warranty with that laptop battery? Come on-grow up.
      Buyers are well aware that a new battery might be necessary in 10-15 yrs.

    • Regardless, he's going to run out of money. Period. Everyone at the Big 3 automakers knows this.

    • did you see the Consumer Reports article published last week?
      " at 30 degrees with the heat on the car lost 3 miles for every mile driven i.e. 300 mile rated is really 100 mile range.
      Tesla released a video (last week) of a guy in Norway traveling in 0 degree weather stating the battery lost 15% (?) of capacity. Heater on?

    • what happens if the current (model S) lithium ion battery cell pack is punctured but no component short just chemical change or loss

    • what do you think about remarks Elon has made about battery shortage?
      ? Elon hedging - not sure what battery to choose / design
      ? knows the limitations of current battery - not sure what battery to use in next generation cars products
      ? supply is a problem
      ? cost is a problem

      • 1 Reply to pat535353
      • Who is responsible when something goes wrong? -- The blame game!
        Pinning the blame for battery failures on the cell maker could be very difficult. In addition to possible abuse by the end user, the design of the battery pack as well as the design of the product in which the battery is used both have an influence on battery performance and lifetime.
        The usage of the battery needs to be closely monitored and component purchasing contracts need to be drawn up very carefully to tie down the responsibilities for failures where they belong.

        Battery Warranty Contractual Issues
        Warranty conditions must be negotiated between five interested parties each with conflicting objectives.

        Customers require lifetime performance guarantees in order to justify their purchase of an expensive battery. They expect the warranty to cover the life time of the packs, not the cells and they want to use the cells in a relatively uncontrolled environment. (The BMS can provide a degree of control at the expense of performance flexibility). So long as the battery has not been abused the, customer's risk is minimal, usually only inconvenience, since they are usually protected by consumer law which holds the seller responsible. (See Retailers below)

        Cell Manufacturers are only prepared to provide limited performance guarantees for the cells. They set strict limits on the acceptable cell usage and operating environment. The guaranteed cell lifetime performance will most likely be less than the performance they quote in their specification sheets, or only applicable under strictly controlled operating conditions. There is always a risk that the cell supplier will not honour the guarantee.


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