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  • keefwivaneff keefwivaneff Feb 8, 2014 8:26 AM Flag

    How many Teslas involved in major accidents?

    There's been quite few.
    youtube /watch?v=939vxA-hnnw
    youtube watch?v=dZmdK2QkkBU
    autoevolution DOT news/tesla-model-s-crash-destroyed-unit-shows-up-71273.html

    Any more ?

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    • All you are doing is showing how much a tank the Model S is. Plenty of accidents, no more than any other car per capita, but not a single major injury or death. Total tank, this car. Safest car on the road, indeed.

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    • Not as many as Porsche or Lambo I'm sure. It's always what kind of drivers who drive the car instead of the car. However, unlike for Porsche or Lambo, there have not been a single death or permanent injury for Tesla occupants from any accidents so fat.

    • What's your point...?? I wouldn't short this with anyones money..if that's what your trying to do with that post....

    • The problem isn't the display, as you pointed out earlier. The problem is the accelerator pedal. Someone who has a history of driving low-performance cars get into a P85+ and think they are invinceable - it is like the average 20 year old buying their first Suzuki Hyabusa because their 250cc motorbike is looking slow.

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      • Jmcvicker, I said two years ago that people cause accidents, NOT vehicles! I mentioned people would wrap themselves around telephone poles using those ridiculous jerry-rigged console screens. All the other luxury auto companied have already devised methods wherein screens in certain modes automatically are rendered useless when the vehicle is engaged, Those controls are useable when the vehicle is back into "Park". But not Tesla! The zombies here are kids fixated on IPhones and continuous connections. They text while walking, eating at restaurants, anywhere and everywhere. They don't speak to the real person in front of them, but rather someone on a screen they're "hooked up" with. Further, they're now emboldened with the belief the 4dr is invincible and they can't be hurt in any accident. The day is coming when someone driving a 4dr is going to kill someone or be killed themselves while playing with the controls.


      • That came out of you rear end, or have you some proof?

      • What is it with TERDSLA drivers?
        Tesla Model S crashes and goes through a wall, front-end looks intact!
        31 March 2013
        While most of the European countries are awaiting to see the first customers models on the Road with the European Get Amped Demo Tour still under way, an American woman aged of 71 did the first crash of Tesla Model S.
        The event happened in Camarillo, California, Ventura County, the lady lost control of her brand new car and ended-up in a restaurant, fortunately no injuries whether with four passengers at the time, or in the restaurant.

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