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  • tieisoptional tieisoptional Mar 11, 2014 6:50 AM Flag

    Stupendous Stuper Charge Stupidity for Tesla. Elon is no genius.

    Utter Arrogance is one theory about why Tesla thought that it could build an entire charging infrastructure which only Tesla owners could pay for (in the purchase price of their vehicles) or use. I posted a while back that Tesla would need to begin arranging with gas stations the installation of their stuper chargers... instead they have been buying up lots solely intended for Tesla super chargers. Musk's short sighted outlook is astounding. Now this company GOe3 is actually doing what Tesla should have done... read the headline about this company taking on Tesla's stuper charge stations...I need to check into the actual details... But, it appears, TESLA probably will become the poster child for the mismanaged and over-bloated product of the century. GOe3 will become only one such company which installs chargers at existing ICE stations for a $50,000 dollar cost. Not just EV's but increasingly Hybrids will be supported by the infrastructure and hydrogen proton membrane vehicles and hybrids as well. The clear winner will not be decided upon yet for a while... so the idea that people will need to buy Tesla 's only to only use Tesla superchargers is utter vanity, a #$%$ poor move for the stockholder, nothing more.

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    • You have no #$%$ clue also! In AZ the charging stations are already here the are in Kohls parking lot they are at my local gas station powered by solar durning the day. This is all within a couple of miles from my house. You need to wake the f up of you are living on the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 Mar 11, 2014 7:30 PM Flag

      lol. The GOe3 charger will supplement and help charge the Teslas thus eliminating "Range Anxiety", gaining mass conversions of fueling stations into Electric charging stations and relieving the burden on Tesla to install the Superchargers worldwide!!! It's a Win-Win for both companies!!! Accumulate!!!

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    • Elon is a loner. He would never consider strategic partnering. The only reason he buys batteries is he doesn't have a factory.

    • cssaxt is right, you couldn't wait to bash Tesla and didn't think this through.

      " I posted a while back that Tesla would need to begin arranging with gas stations the installation of their stuper chargers... instead they have been buying up lots solely intended for Tesla super chargers."

      Tesla isn't buying lots, it has agreements with property owners.

      Why would anyone want to stop at a gas station to recharge when they can stop at a location that has restaurants and other stores? Who would want to stop for 15 minutes or longer at a gas station vs a restaurant, fast food or coffee place? Do you see a lot of seating at the gas stations you go to? Do you see ANY seating at the gas stations you go to?

      Your characterizations of Elon and Tesla apply to you.

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    • cssaxt Mar 11, 2014 7:13 AM Flag

      Your post would make sense, except for you just read the headline, and in your anxious state of wanting to hurry up and bash Tesla, you failed to read the details. The guys that run this company are HUGE supporters of Tesla and are currently waiting for their own Model X (one is #22 on the list). Their chargers will charge Tesla cars also. So, exactly WHY is this a bad thing for Tesla? It is actually GREAT for Tesla. Tesla is not a supercharger company. They are a car company. If this company, GOe3, succeeds and installs hundreds of charging stations, it just makes electric cars (Tesla included) more reasonable to own. I'm sure Musk would LOVE to get out of the charging business today! Don't think he wouldn't (or won't) make a deal with them for current owners with the supercharging option to use their stations for free. After all, you could see the gleam in the GOe3 guys eyes when the interviewer brought up Tesla.

      You guys are morons. I guess when a oil company is successful, it hurts Ford or GM, right?

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      • "Tesla is not a supercharger company. They are a car company"

        Please re-read the talking points; Tesla is a tech company.

      • "Tesla is not a supercharge company."
        Fact is, whether this was avoidable or not (is the question), they have invested into such and have freely advertised as such with their cross country Tesla station trips, maps of Tesla stations, plans to stupercharge Europe, etc. I predict in perhaps a couple years they will claim that they helped spur into existence companies such as Goe3 ... and with that mission accomplished they will drop further development of the the Tesla Stuper Charge stations. But for now, their publicity is too highly invested into the concept... that they ARE in addition to being a Model S manufacturer also a stupercharge company.

      • Ok, I'll explain it. The Tesla stuper charge business model was to not share the juice with competitors. The winning model, the better business model which Tesla did not choose, is to share the juice with the competition, including other EV's and hybrids.. at the same location. So, cssaxt, the Tesla stations lack that fill up with dino fuel and electricity both, + cost more than the winning model for need to find and purchase the Tesla only site as well. It was therefore short sighted to ever think that only Tesla stations will be used, given that as a minimum. But, the fact that the Tesla stuper charge station cost is built into the purchase price means that current owners, in addition to this, will soon wish that Tesla had invested instead into better quality paint instead of into funding Tesla only stations, that will soon become hot dog stands. I'm sure soon headlines will explain this also, hopefully.

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