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  • miaxar miaxar Mar 11, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

    So what, buy online TSLA drives it to you from out of State

    Don't see what the problem is, buy it online and TSLA rangers will just drive the car to you in NJ from States surrounding NJ, problem solved.

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    • Plus, there is ongoing service and support. Car sales are very antiquated. I think what is lost on people is that other manufacturers would love to sell direct too. But the dealerships are so entrenched... they say that they can provide better support locally and it protects many businesses and jobs. So if laws changed to allow Tesla to sell direct, then other brands could technically start selling direct.
      Personally, I think this is inevitable but it might be a rocky road to get there.

    • Who does the paperwork with the DMV ?

      Where do you get service?

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      • You still do not get it. Yes you can do that on a very small basis with cars that sell for $100,000 plus. But you could NEVER reach volume sales with a mass produced vehicle, which must I remind you, is what this current stock price represents. The current price ALREADY is pricing in these huge sales. So if they are hindered the whole model starts to come unglued. Must I remind you about service as well. Tax and license issues? No this is REALLY not good news. But longs, spin it as you like, time will slowly make you aware that this is just ONE of MANY problems we have been saying should be viewed in a risk vs reward model. That model is so risk oriented that I would not purchase this stock unless it was far cheaper. But it is just amazing how so many do not see this clearly.IMO Next, I predict will be problems actually building the plant and technology, less getting it online with production and a profit at all, and if even lucky, within 5 years.IMO

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    • aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 aristocratized_by_yo_short_sqz2 Mar 11, 2014 4:39 PM Flag

      Agree!!! The "temporary admins" in the State loses Big time!!! Accumulate!!!

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