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  • kidmadeira kidmadeira Mar 21, 2014 7:54 AM Flag

    Wher's the beef?

    •Yet another piece of evidence shows that demand for the Model S is not as strong as speculated. In this case, 100 speculative cars for sale in Germany.
    •Having inventory cars for immediate delivery is incompatible with supposedly being production-constrained.
    •Tesla does have a one-off card it can play in Q1 2014, if it were to shorten delivery times, which seems to be happening.
    •But this again compromises Q2 2014, which looks to be flat at best (excluding China), not because of production but because of peaked demand.
    •Finally, there are some worrying negative signs emerging regarding Model S reliability, though this requires further confirmation.

    It's not really somewhere in Europe. It's in Germany. And the myth that gets destroyed is the one that says Tesla (TSLA) is so production-constrained that it can't possibly meet all the demand. If that is so, then how can one explain the 100 new Model S that are supposedly available for sale in Frankfurt, Germany?

    I'm not making this up. The following is from the German TFF Forum, Forum für Tesla. You can follow the discussion as I've included a link for Google translation from German to English:

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