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  • jmcvicker jmcvicker Apr 5, 2014 8:31 PM Flag

    How to book a sale in Q1 and deliver in Q2.

    On TMC, read thread with title.
    " Delivery disappointment ... then the car!"

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    • So Tesla does this and also sells inventory cars to "make" it's quarterly numbers? For the last 4 quarters? Is there a short position of Model S' somewhere to account for all of these theories? If sales are so slow in California and Europe as has been claimed by some, why would they cram more sales in to Q1 only to have Q2 miss by a mile?

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      • justfacts, that's exactly my point to Temagami, shorts went from they are front loading orders, to they are rushing as many orders at end of Q as possible, as if over the long term this could make any kind of difference. It couldn't! If they were pushing orders through then the next Q would drop! One example of an extreme situation doesn't prove anything eitherway neither do a few, I'm sure to those that happen to be getting orders through at the end of Q it may SEEM that way, but if the next Q is an increase in production it automatically debunks this theory.

      • Whether one is long or short, it does not change the fact that Tesla delivers as many cars as they possibly can in the last month of every quarter. They also clear out as many as possible in the delivery pipeline. Arguably, once you have done it one quarter, you are committed to doing it the next quarter. Of course shorts will use the data to spin it one way and longs will spin it another. All I can say is that Tesla must have very important reasons for doing it because it certainly is not the most efficient way to manage product flow.

    • ((( 12:30pm: Car not ready, firmware corrupt, entire software system needs to be reloaded. " ))

      That's when you head for the exit, calling your bank as run/walk briskly to your car and stop payment on the deposit check.

      Good news (for Tesla ) They still have a ready supply of "motivated" buyers who will accept anything Tesla slaps together.

      Bad news: They have been making this car for over a year and they are still having major problems. It is almost inconceivable that a modern car company would allow a non-working component to be installed on a vehicle.

      Imagine if Ford installed a defective fuel pump on an F150 and the truck failed to start when it reached the end of the assembly line. Do you really think they would continue to build trucks and install fuel pumps from the same vendor/batch?

      In auto you find prevent upstream. You cannot afford to debug the finished product because the costs at that point are enormous.

      Now we know why Tesla is losing money.

    • Next time a UPS guy will tow it over there....:)

    • Another good topic for Monday am.

    • Friday April 4th: Car delivered to the home by tow-truck driver; no Tesla delivery associate present. Driver: "Wow I've never done this before without a delivery person." All final paperwork is dated 3/31/14 so it counts for the prior quarter.

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