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  • kbodie77777 kbodie77777 Apr 18, 2014 11:39 AM Flag

    Tesla Range ======= the sad truth

    Here is how you get 300 miles of range:
    ◾ Constant speed (such as using cruise control)
    ◾ Flat ground, no wind
    ◾ Climate control OFF or using vent only (no heat or air conditioning)
    ◾ 300 lbs of vehicle load (driver plus passenger or cargo)
    ◾ Windows up, sunroof closed
    ◾ Tires inflated to recommended pressures
    ◾ New battery pack (

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    • The sad truth is that it was the same EPA test that evaluated all other cars at that same point in time. The new range statements are the EPA's new 5 cycle test.

    • What do you think the range would be if the driver drank a quart of gasoline before setting out?

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      • (( What do you think the range would be if the driver drank a quart of gasoline before setting out? ))

        Another brilliant argument from a Tesla supporter.

        Obviously the 40,000,000 ICE powered cars that humans purchase every year are inferior to EVs and you have proven it because if the drivers of the ICE powered cars guzzle gasoline they will die.

        That is perfect logic. You win the argument again.

        Have a nice day.

    • Good post. Wind behind you. Radio off. Highly Turtle Waxed exterior. A constant leaning forward by the driver. Positioning yourself behind a semi.Constant speed = no turns or lane changing. Fingers crossed. And somebody gives you a big push before you begin.

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      • Drafting behind semis is a legitimate strategy to improve mileage and should thereby be allowed in any mileage test. If you can get close enough to actually hook your bumper under the semi's trailer your mileage will go up "exponentially". Leaning forward while driving also improves mileage as more of the drivers weight is distributed forward which improves speed on long down hill runs. As to keeping your fingers crossed and turning the radio off - the jury is still out - more scientific tests need to be run... Waxing, no doubt waxing is a bonus but personally I prefer shaving those sensative areas.... oh wait... never mind.

      • That was cute.

        But to be fair the test they used was probably a derivative of the test used on gasoline cars. The idea is to eliminate variables so you can compare.

        In the real world people don't always keep their tires inflated, But how do design a test that accounts for that? Do you run the car with tires 5 PSI below spec or 10 PSI or 15 PSI below spec?
        If you tried to do this you would end up with mountains of data for each car tested and it wouldn't be universally helpful because some people keep their tires inflated.

        Consider this:
        The Model 60 has a 208 mile range (EPA) costs $69,900.
        The Model 85 has a 265 mile range and (EPA) costs $79,900 more.
        That's $10,000 for an extra 57 miles of range.

        Obviously range is a very real issue for electric cars. That's why buyers are paying a steep price to gain just a few more miles of range. When you run out of juice in an EV you are screwed.

        Have a great day.

        PS: I expect a Tesla-fan to chime in and tell us that paying $10,000 for 57 miles of range is cost effective. But as investors it really doesn't matter. If people are stupid enough to pay this price or wise enough to pay it doesn't really matter. The question is can tesla make money selling these cars. Right now the answer is no. And no one can explain what will change to make the company profitable in the future.

    • Cadillac ELR will be out this year, with 300 mile range on single charge. The only difference is, there is a GM dealer in every town practically. So, it wouldn't be hard to find "charging" stations.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • + driving like my grandma and annoying other road users

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