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  • keefwotgetsaround keefwotgetsaround Apr 30, 2014 9:17 AM Flag

    There is no cause for alarm......... (yet)

    DNA | 29. APRIL 2014
    I have had my Model S for over 7 months now and I am very happy with it. Great car. Something weird happended this morning though. I charge my car in the garage every night at my home but noticed this morning that my garage temperature was really hot at about 93F when I opened the door. My garage rarely goes about 72F during the night and it was 50F outside or thereabouts. I checked around my garage for any potential sources of heat and it appears the heat was coming from the car (not inside the car though). Didn't notice any heat coming from the wall charger or electrical panels. Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas? It might be nothing but thought I would ask.

    ir | 29. APRIL 2014
    Possible it was from the battery while charging. Were you charging at high power like with a HPWC? Was your battery near empty before charging? Was your car outside on a hot day, bringing some of that thermal mass in to the garage?

    DNA | 29. APRIL 2014
    Good questions ir. Battery was half-full before charging and I am using my regular 240V NEMA socket. It wasn't particularly hot outside yesterday where I live. It might be nothing at all. Just the first time I have seen the garage get that hot.

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