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  • redfox_5727 redfox_5727 Aug 16, 2014 10:58 AM Flag

    Question? If I buy a Model S and drive 150,000 miles a year, will Tesla give me a new battery every time I burn thru one for 8 years.

    It seems like I could burn thru 2 or three...How can the make money on someone who drives that much...some commercial use could drive 150,000 miles a year....Such as taxi service .

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    • Yeah, you could. But spend a lifetime in a car to get something free? You have to pay for tires.

    • Where you work ?? On the MOON and back!!!!!

    • LOL. This is seriously the dumbest post to date. Kudos to Kbodie-at least he didn't post this garbage.
      If you can sit on your #$%$ for 150k miles/yr-you will have such body issues that you won't be able to drive at all the next year. That's over 400m/day in an EV for 350 days out of the year. That translates into 8 hrs a day behind the wheel-so not only will your body be ruined you will also have no social life. What a dumb post redfox.

    • A few outliers will not hurt the majority.

      however, there is no real 8 year data at all about range after 8 years. If used Teslas at six years are beginning to show problems of range, may impact new purchases of the 2017 Gen III and valuation of used units. What will hurt the range most is heavy use, such as daily supercharging, excessive range charging, driving it down to low miles remaining and doing a lot of launches. Unlike a Chevy Volt, a Tesla owner is part of the BMS. BMS means Battery Management System.

    • only if you can actually make the battery fail. Degradation is not covered (I think?)

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      • If memory serves, I'm not looking it up now, failure was defined as a capacity remaining around the next grade battery down sooner than the warranty expiration. So the driver could just elect to keep driving. Or the battery could be recycled to other uses like solar storage or whatever.

        If the earlier Roadster batteries are holding up the more recent S batteries should be better. Tesla's program of ongoing improvement is interesting - if Roadsters can get such a range improvement, some S owners would buy a replacement of a perfectly good battery for similarly extended range.

        There does not seem to be a battery failure problem if the car is used in normal driving. That would include cab or, say, airport Model X limo service. Cabs take a beating though - did Lincoln when they were selling rear-drive V8 limos to fleets beef up the suspensions? Did they use a higher ratios in the rear-end or a beefed up cooling system? At least one would expect steel wheels and commercial tires......

    • You can't drive that much. There aren't enough hours in a year for you to recharge

    • curt.renz Aug 16, 2014 11:31 AM Flag

      The 8-year warranty on the battery pack is not new. The engineers long ago determined how long it would last. Yesterday's news was related to the extension of the drive train warranty from 4 years to 8 years.

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