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  • munda51 munda51 Nov 5, 2007 11:57 AM Flag

    Chairman knows best

    Chairman Mr. Lowewenbaum converted debentures @ $10.18 and sold all shares he received from conversion $20.10 to $24.16. He apparently knew that TDS will ome down and so did many others. No insider bought TDSC stock after his stock sales.

    Where is TDSC now? Much below at which chairman sold some of his stock. Of course he still owns some.

    Question is, where will TDSC end up now?

    $17.50 the price at which T-Row Price bought in a private deal from TDSC, or go up to $26, where it was a couple of months ago?

    Just starting a conversation!!!

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    • He is not buying, these 50,000+100,000=150,000 options (soon to expire early 2009) are being exercised @ $6.61 each. These are from his familiy trust/accounts. His selling of TDSC stock has been most opportunist so far. The stock tends to drop after he sells.

      Buying by chairman or his family 2 $6.61 when market price is $14.50 does not provide support to stock price, but if he dumps the stock now would definitely make me think about his motive (may be indication of non public bad news).

      We all look for signals, and insider selling/buying is one signal I value in my consideration.

      Recent return of equipment by one customer is one recent (probably bad news) that should concern investors and is probably the reason of stock price reversal.

      Management will have to explain at the coming conference call. Any insider activity will be worth watching.

      So watch for any more selling (or buying even at bargain prices of $6.61 per share or lower) buy chairman or others.

      By the way, why are you supportive of chairman's trading decisions? Any connections to the company?

    • fish_discover_water_last fish_discover_water_last Feb 14, 2008 11:02 AM Flag

      I just saw this thread. First I want to say that insiders sell for a number of reasons, and directors, founders, etc. in many companies, even great ones, sell shares on a regular basis.

      Never the less, some over anxious shorts who think their comments here are going to have an impact on the stock price try to make a big deal out of it. If you check these sales out they usually are nothing. Someone with 800k shares selling 20k and often then their total holdings are the same as the year before.

      To go even further and try to make the case that it is a bad sign because there is no insider buying at a particular price is just absurd.

      You made all these posts about selling and even titled the thread "Chairman Knows Best" when that concept suited your position. Now that he is buying, 150k shares in 2008 so far, you are nowhere to be seen, where's your update telling everyone what a great sign this is becuase "Chairman knows best". His buying is MUCH more telling than the modest selling you tried to make into something meaningful, or the fact that there were no other insiders buying at a particular time.

      "Chairman knows Best" indeed. And this time he's really saying something. I welcome your reply.

    • Is TDSC nearing its bottom? It is around $13.50 now? Anybody knows if institutions are preparing to buy TDSC at this price or still waiting for abetter price? This coming quarter is very crucial for us all who are watching TDSC.

      If you read this string of messages, please post your comments to share your feelings about TDSC and its management. Thanks.

    • Charman sold more (16070 shares @16.03) two weeks ago on 12/18/07 and TDSC is down to $14.12 today.

      Why did he sell? Probably he knows he can buy later at lower price.

      It appears that company might be preparing for executive options any time now that the price has fallen below the year's low.

      Any comments?

    • Well TDSC managed to fall by almost 1% on the day when the market indexes were significantly higher.

    • He sure does: ~$2,208K gross just during the month of August 2007. Not bad.

      • 1 Reply to corazon_jodido
      • TDSC seems to be moving to more rational lower valuation. Expectations are for improved topline (sales), but higher costs to achieve these sales are hurting the company.

        Looking at analysts estimates on yahoo finance one may see that both fiscal 2007 and 2008 EPS estimates are being loered. Over the last week, average consensus estimate of 6 analysts are:

        Fiscal 2007: LOSS estimate is UP from 19 cents to 23 cents

        Fiscal 2008: EPS estimate is DOWN from 67 cents to 55 cents

        May be more revisions are coming in the light of current sequential declines in TDSC's stock price.

        What is the next stop? May be $18 or even $17.50?

        Strangely enough, there have been no insider buying activity. May be they are waiting for a much better entry point.

        Definitely, TDSC is now becoming more INTERESTING stock to watch.

        I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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