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  • robot_banana robot_banana Oct 27, 2011 12:54 PM Flag

    Conference call is a disaster...

    Anyone care to summarize whats happening during the meeting and why the stock dropped??? (Not able to tune in right now)

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    • The CFO cam out with a new company model for expansion vs ROI, which shows a narrowing EPS over the next year or so as the company moves to get to 400 million gross revenue. The costs involved in expansion and the product mix result in less profit per average cost and, though the revenue keeps expanding, the expected profit, as described by the analysts' question was much oless than folks were expecting for next year. The net effect of this discussion was the same as "lowering guidance" (on EPS), though the company tried to say it was expanding gross revenue guidance. It was too complicated for the average investor, and when the CEO stepped in to try to explain what the CFO was satying and how this was positive for DDD, it got more confusing. My take was that this looks like a great long term investment, but the market will look at EPS and not count expansions as "ex items" since the company continues to describe EPS as "fully diluted." Not a good conference call. Hence this may not be a good short term play. Makes you frustrated being down when the rest of the market flies.

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      • And it got very awkward when the CEO got defensive and muddled around when the analysts pointed to three quarters with expanding revenues and no substantial EPS least that's what I heard, feel free to correct me if I didn't get that right...

        I'm a bit of a layman but I thought the call was going well, and the stock actually hit the green during the first part of the call...until the new revenue guidance came under pointed challenge by the analysts...and you can see the rest of the story in the stock price...

    • Shorts want cheap shares - so they try to make it seem like this company isn't doing as well as it actually is.

      People only hear what they want to hear.

      Typical Wall St. BS.

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      • "Shorts want cheap shares - so they try to make it seem like this company isn't doing as well as it actually is."

        The qtr did miss...mostly due to non-recurring items but there was/is a lot of confusion surrounding the increasing goals and decreasing margins.

        I am still confused regarding those issues and the CEO did not address them in a concise manner. Hence the analysts going back to the same question 3 or 4 times.

        The CC did not inspire a lot of confidence if for no other reason than lack of clarity.

        Market doesn't want uncertainty and market doesn't want opaqueness.

        At least the latter was apparent during the call.


    • CEO was a bumbling idiot. Didn't not answer questions that were raised.

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