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  • listen_jockers listen_jockers Nov 30, 2012 5:39 PM Flag

    Who need a $5000 printer to print TOYS, why ot buy TOY at Walmart for $2? People did not buy LED CREE BULBS

    either, why will buy a crap printer for $5000? Do the math..these companies are all hyped before uncle HP, and grand father AMZN comes to play.

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    • Over time the price of the printer will come down. Locating the printer here in the US, manufacturing the products will employ Americans, the finished product will not have to be shipped 1000's of miles, providing instant production. The labor costs will be greatly reduced and the $5000 pricetag is much less than all the workers needed to product the product. Also, since Americans will be working the machines, local and federal governments will benefit due to the income taxes the American workers will be paying. Everyone wins, except for the foreign countries that loose the manufacturing base. Well what comes around goes around. This digital printing is giving the US a boomerage effect and on shore manufacturing is returning. Also, manufacturing companies can move in the rust belt for a song and take over abandoned factories, or build new ones on very inexpensive land in Detroit, Cleveland, and many of the other rust belt cities that have declined in the last few decades.

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    • think this is about toys! Hahah

    • I heard of STAPLES now coming up with their own machines to print for turds?

    • When the desk top printer came out, the inventors were asked why would anyone want a printer at home? I would bet everyone on this blog has a desk top printer. All new technology starts out at a high price but comes down as competition arises. Jay Leno has one he makes parts for his vintage automobiles that are no longer in production.

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      • How about a car built the way you want it?

        3D printing is about the neatest thing in the universe, as a “printer” layers atoms together to create a physical object. It wasn’t long before someone used one to create transportation and a 3D printer car from Belgium was recently clocked going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds.

        At least one 3D printer car, according to the Daily Mail, has been created. Not only that, but the darn thing runs, on electric power.

        Darn fast too

        The car, called the “Areion,” isn’t a typical passenger car, as it’s basically a soapbox racer with an electric power train. The car weighs in at 617 pounds, according to Business Insider, so don’t bother inquiring about auto financing credit just yet, as it’s far from street legal.

        The engineers that constructed it, from the Group T-International University College, a Belgian engineering college, took plans for the car to Materialise, a 3D printing company that had a 3D printer capable of creating the size of parts they needed, dubbed the “Mammoth.”

        Using lightweight composites for the feeder material, it took about three weeks to create the 3D printer car. They only had to bolt on the wheels and suspension and install an electric drive train. After assembly and initial testing, they took the car to England’s Silverstone race circuit for time trials, followed by a visit to Hockenheim, Germany, one of the circuits used for the Formula One German Gran Prix.

        Top speed was clocked at 87 miles per hour, and the car goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds.

        One small click of “print” for man

        The Areion is the school’s entry in Formula Student, an engineering competition run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, that challenges student groups to construct, test and race cars, according to Inhabitat.

        Though it might be some time before one can just pop down to a dealer, click “print” and just have a magic Toyota appear, rest assured that it is a matter of time before this is how cars are assembled, along with just about everything else. 3D printing is already being used for a wide range of products; cars are just one application.

        Plenty of parts are already being made this way. For instance, according to Popular Mechanics, Jay Leno has been custom 3D printing out-of-production parts for many of the cars in his famous garage for several years and Jaguar, according to Popular Science, is using 3D printing to create prototypes already.

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    • 1. To make the toys the size, shape, and color you want.
      2. To make them for your friends too.
      3. To buy American.

    • I just used the google translator on your message and it translated it to this:

      Weak minded investors, I need to scare you so the stock price on this company will fall as I am shorting it. Doing the math, I need to you drop the price quick before uncle HP or grand father AMZN aquire another amazing technology company and literally bankrupt my portfolio.

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      • Wow, I didn't know the translator worked on blog post like that, good to know.

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      • The truth hurts. A CREE bulb only cost $25 for 10,000 hrs, and people are not buying enough even though it saves lot of money in power bills. Even the City counties tried hard Solars, but they all failed. Heard of Solyndra? This is worst, a product, which is not required for most of people in their life time....
        I again, ask you to read articles, and do DD think of 31 companies, and accounting issues surrounding HPQ, and then TYCO..and then any thing else..Be practical.
        I am not asking to short, but not buying is same thing...wait for right price for risk...

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