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  • ogewen ogewen Jan 29, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    DDD will skyrocket soon

    The recent decline of 14% was expected and healthy. The decline IMHO was caused not by SA, but fundemental reasons.
    1. Recent parabolic increase just this year was overbought and unrealistic exuberance.
    2. SA article was timed at the height of this parabolic move to show credence to their postings. Any knowlegeable investor could predict a correction was coming.
    3. It had to back down to fill in and consolidate recent gains.
    4. The new IPO in this sector was probably the biggest precipitaing reason why it shook out recent gains.
    5. The big institutional investors reacted before researching the impact this IPO would have. It was their perfect storm to get out and protect profits they recently made. It was panic selling fueled by technicals and expected retracement to back and fill meteoric climb of past month. Thre new IPO in 3D printing at best will only take on 3-4% of the products. There's lots of room for competition.

    So...all that being said nothing has changed in DDD game plan and prospects. They continue to make acquisitions and there earnings in Feb will beat the street. Finally, I agree with the shorts that DDD will be back in the $30-$50 range, but not because of declining value. They will be back there after a split of 2 to1 or 3 to 1. It split a while ago when they were in the 40's. More institutional buying will accelerate when the price is more "sellable" to their investors. DDD wiIl break 100 by years end. I bought in the 20's and predicted 40-50 by end od 2012 and was blasted for my stupidity. I am a long investor and feel this company will meteoric gains in next few years. Thanks for reading and will enjoy all intelligent opinions and comments. This board needs both positive and negative commentary to make decisions, but they need to consist of factual information. Name Calling belongs on the playground of middle schools where pimples are spawned :) Idiots need not reply. Best to all. Ogewen

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    • It is good to see intelligent posts, thank you again Oge!

      I am a long-term investor, not a trader. I feel its best to buy a stock and hold 5 years or longer. I believe DDD could hit 50x or more in that time period. Manufacturing is a $50 trillion space and both DDD and SSYS are only at $3.5 billion. Market caps over $100 billion seem very reasonable to me. This is not about the consumer market at all, its all about manufacturing and global supply lines. It really is enormous when you realize that the 3D companies will also supply the raw materials for manufacturing. This is all happening right now, under Wall Streets nose. DDD can beat estimates every quarter because analysts don't see the whole picture yet.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • To Fred, Lilly, cybercash, et al: Any thoughts on CTIX...could be a gold mine find if results on Kevetrin and Purusol show good results in clinical trials,

    • Oge:
      I think you should thank me for your bottom line statement although i often wrote "educated responses r always welcome"
      As i was scanning today's posts, i saw 1 post complementing yours. It is nice to read at least 1 post a day that contains some thought . Lately that thought has been few and far between the dreamers and the ignorant. I compare this board now to Baidu's.
      I have been out of the 3D stocks for over 3 months. I can see their viability but do not like all the hype. Your pints are well taken except for point #4. "The new IPO in this sector was probably the biggest precipitaing reason why it shook out recent gains" . In my opinion whenever there is interest in an industry additional IPOs enter the market and are priced accordingly,often with very high multiples .This often benefits the share price of existing companies in the field. Remember the recent Social media craze. It was not till after companies reported some dismal results did the market take them down. Point 5 is thus redundant as to institution investors.
      I would also like to add, that this was industry related with all issues losing. It is difficult at this time to say it was a selloff to bring p/e back into line before earnings or some insight of the industry that we do not perceive yet.
      Regards to the initial group who made this board an interesting 1. They know who they are.

    • Hey Ogewen nice to see an oldtimer. Remember when this was in the low 20's and I was accumulating about 20,000 shares via stock and options and I was getting bashed everyday by shorts and others that ridiculed me. I was the biggest poster back then. We'll I dont; post anymore too busy counting my $. Plus the boadr is full of #$%$. Most of which wen back under their rocks today

    • Well put.

    • Wow...someone with informative thoughts. Thanks Ogewen. I think your thoughts are right on target. I totally agree! i wasn't going to join this board due to mostly useless posts. Maybe I'll stick around for a while

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