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  • mateonelson mateonelson Feb 1, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Long term

    If you pull up a chard on MSFT between 1988 and 1998 the stock split 7 times, 2 for 1. This stock is in a cutting edge technology that will grow exponentially. Competition is welcome as it will only fuel the fire. So if you have 100 shares today and it splits 7 times in the next 10 years then you will have 12800 shares. Lets say that the average stock price will be $50, then your $5900 purchase today will grow to over $500K in 10 years. So just add on the dips and watch your investment grow.

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    • You cannot be serious. You cannot compare MSFT to DDD for reasons that are too obvious. DDD is valued at about $4 Billion and priced over 100 times earnings. Do you think everyone is going to own a 3D printer in the future, even if the prices do come down? Sure they may be useful for engineers, but can you see the average person purchasing one - to print tri-colour plastic trinkets?

      Its a fad, and the run up above $55 was driven by short covering (a net short position that is significantly lower now) and the little guys who though this was the next Apple. The hype is starting to die down and reality is setting in. The smart guys are out and have either sold short or have moved on to the next pump-and-dump. If you are buying with the logic you presented, I promise you will lose money.

      History repeats: SODA, CROX, DECK, MLNX, OPEN, FSLR, P

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      • Hugh, in 1943, the chairman of IBM said that he thought there was a WORLD market for maybe FIVE (yes, the amount of fingers on one hand) computer...
        It's a good thing investors in IBM didn't listen to him, huh?

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      • What do you suggest? Invest in XOM and get a 2.5 percent dividend and keep up with inflation?

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      • the truth probably is in the middle of what you two guys said.
        is it the next microsoft ? I seriously seriously doubt it.
        is it more then JUST a fad ? with Ford, Boeing and Caterpillar already using the technology i would say its more then just a fad.

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      • I don't know if I would call it a fad. I spent last week talking to a couple distributors for the 3D products and also viewing and understanding the product in more detail. This technology will change the way companies do business and also eventually have a place in households around the world. I don't ever see it as the product that will replace every laser printer in the home but it will be placed in home's where creativity can run wild. You will have fishermen creating their own lures. Beer drinkers creating their own can coozies. Science fiction enthusiast creating the next star wars characters. The lists are endless. Yes the cost to produce a 9 inch cubic widget is still high and it does take time but both the cost and speed to produce that widget will continue to drop. This technology opens up revenue opportunities to indivuals who want to patent designs and put the app out there for others to use.

        3D has the product portfolio to make a serious impact. I think the trouble most of these companies are having is distribution and service. They want to get them to the masses but haven't figured that out. They are going through some resellers that have a background with cad and 3d printing which is great for the large manufacturing companies. However there are several small companies that could use this technology now but they don't know where to go to get it. I would love to buy one now but the concern of it breaking down and waiting days for someone to service it scares me. Not to mention the learning curve. My suggestions to 3D (which I hope they are doing) is to pursue small dealers outside of the "copier" companies to distribute, service, and train users on the products and build a relationship with their distributors. There are enough energetic business owners who understand marketing and money and could really make this company the true leader in the industry.

        Personally I have been buying. Yes I bought some last week at $62 and $65. I also bought some earlier at $30. I think 3 years from now this stock will be a windfall. Could it all go by the wayside? I guess anything could but I feel this is a good bet. Not the Apple type of returns over the last 6 years but awfully good. My advice for anyone following this is to see the prodcuts and talk to some dealers. I know the activity and interest in the 3D product has been going crazy the last several months and there has been more interst from the hobby seekers to see the product. Hang in ther longs I think you will be rewarded down the road.

    • I share your outlook....good post.

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    • Waaaaay too logical for many on this Board! ;-)

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    • coyne.devin Feb 1, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

      i've never owned a stock that split. is this something they announce ahead of time? i'm in the stock long term, so i really like hearing the prospects of a few splits.

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