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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Feb 13, 2013 3:04 PM Flag

    Bet on earning

    Using March calls....

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    • How about put our heads together to think about earning. This is where big money can be made. Sorry guys but putting our energy about being wrong is on productive. If you right, great!, reward you a brand new car or whatever but posting about pushing people down to prove that you are right is mean...we are here to learn and share ideas to make money.

      Now, I keep thinking about earning. Obviously I see great long term potential for many years. When I see short term TA movements I posted as I saw them. I am a very logical person so this is what I think. I just read that the morning of the earning is also the morning we have 2for 3 shares. Prior to tonight the split date was not that important to me.

      Ok, if earning is bad why would I want my stock price to be lower than the new already lower price? Make it look worse. For example, at the close on 2/24 DDD price is $75 so on 2/25 the price is $50. Now assuming it goes down 10% so DDD comes down to $45. Does it feel awful. I know it all come out then percentage wise.

      Earning got to be good. PRLB 3D related stock did great also. No other 3D or related stocks came out with their earnings yet except PRLB.

      What do you think? Think together!!, thx

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      • My core holding since 10/2012 still on the table, not sell any single share despite those dips @ 54s, 55s, 60s, and recently 63s. I have more than enough patient for 2-3 years time frame, so be it traders, short or swing trades, i do not care what the short term traders done so far.
        The facts: PRLB today results. So what make me changing my goal about DDD future ? none so far.
        I will wait to see this DDD coming earning as another strong one like the last one. Whose blood will be on the street ?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Agreed. Assuming DDD has any sense of shareholder interest at all, they would not have announced a split unless earnings are going to be stellar.

        Market climate is very skittish now and excellent companies are getting hit hard after good reports.

        So there are two possibilities:

        1) the people at DDD are unaware of current market climate and have made a major miscalculation which will end up destroying shareholder confidence.

        2) the people at DDD have gauged the market, and are extremely confident about the impressive nature of their report.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I would take profit from PRLB. If you are in it and move to DDD.
      Huge run like PRLB without taking profit is too greedy.

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