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  • yoduuh yoduuh Apr 18, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

    Here's the Problem

    One last post for me today: Some big market manipulator decided to short this stock weeks ago (maybe in order to buy lower and then hold, hogging the 3/2 split shares added to liquidity). Their little band of insiders following them joined in. Hence, high short interest. Shorts are day traders, not investors. They must stay on top of their trades minute to minute. Many longs are traders too, but more of them are investors compared to shorts. They buy and hold and are not trading constantly. So what you have is short traders outnumbering long traders at any given moment. Every time the market rallies shorts suppress DDD. Every time it falls, shorts pile into DDD. So you see it make anemic moves up, and bold moves down leading to the stair step downward spiral. This reversed recently when a big buyer came in to squeeze some of them out. This has little to do with the long term value of the company. Buy now and hold. Shorts will go away eventually, maybe in a big hurry.

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    • I don't think shorts will ever go away. I think lots of "investors" got caught up in the concept of 3D Printing over the last year -- identified with the concept and jumped in. Some made more money than they expected and bailed, while others have held fearing their long-term investment was souring and are now jumping out because of fear of greater losses.

      This stock wants a catalyst... a good one or a bad one. I think the turn down in the overall market is good for the shorts of course, but there are probably a lot of small investors who drank the cool-aid M.F. and others were putting out without regard to current valuation of the company.

      Now as the market's downward pressure begins, all stocks are going to get hit. But this one has a lot of support lines that it seems to be blowing through as it goes down.

      It looks like $32.69 has just been breeched. A bad day today could see it touch $32 or even $31.6, but it would still be in an uptrend that started March 18. It would have to get somewhere around $31.49 today (April 18) before giving real concern.

      The Upward Trend that started March 18 is a little steeper than the longer trend that started last year around Feb 18, so my feeling is maybe this current March 18 trend is a little too optimistic, still being flooded by people looking for a quick buck before bailing out, and more a result of "commentary" than true value.

      Plus don't forget about overall world and domestic sentiments which could kick even the most optimistic of stocks like TSLA in the groin.

      Right now it looks to me like the down turn in the overall market is giving people who want out a good reason to bail. That said, it will soon be creating a good buying point, especially for the person who checks their stocks every 6 months.

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