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  • cadsworthmfructose cadsworthmfructose May 16, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    "DDD, SSYS: William Blair Says Sell, Hype Exceeds Fundamentals" seems like BS

    isn't that why we look at P/E ratios? on anything over a 1 P/E, doesn't hype exceed fundamentals? i realize that this is at 106 P/E.... but it's a rapidly growing company. I do think we get a pullback to near 40, but this thing has traded with a high-as-he** P/E since its acquisition phase. even if it only drops to 40, that brings it to a more palatable 90 P/E. 35/share, down to an 80.

    also, if you look at his quotes in that article, we've heard the SAME EXACT THING 10x in the last year..... and we're up over 100%.

    if you're trading, get out. if you're long-term, don't stress.

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    • Go after AMZN and LNKD. Look at their PE PEG and everything else. He likes to go after stocks at do not cover by many analysts. Look at WDC, a negative comment and right away the support analysts came out and challenge the negative comments from Chaos....

      TSLA...going higher..$100 tomorrow if market OK..

    • Spot on! The Blair analyst said nothing new....NOTHING. HULL selling, are you kidding me? The stock will rebound as fast as it went down...I'm not worried. I am however curious as to when DDD's buying spree will commence, and who will they acquire?

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    • treene May 16, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

      blair also doesn't take into account that an acquisition will be coming. i'm sure ddd already knows who they will be acquiring as they knew just how much money that would be needed with the stock purchase last week. i for one want to be in when that is announced

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      • I work with many 3D printers as I'm in the mechanical engineering field. My company has one 3D printer and was going to buy CubeX but opted for LeapFrog 3D printer. They both are almost identical but the material cost is about 1/4 for the LeapFrog. Most of the acquisitions have been buying company like LeapFrog and kill it or include it in the model lineup. This is not sustainable as they will pop up much faster than 3D system will kill it.

        Plus, 3d printing is a way of checking your design before going to mass production. But not for industrial mass production itself. Most people have never seen one in actual use to know what they can or can't do.

        Right now, stock trades on hype and popularity. It will settle down to most other printer manufacturors PE range once the dust settles. Just look at where Canon, and HP trades at.

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      • but unless it's Arcam (which it very well may be), I don't know if that's as urgent or important as you think it is. DDD has had issues as far as the effects of acquisitions on their bottom line and some accused accounting malpractice in the past. none of those ended up being real issues, only fabricated by whoever had a short agenda that day, but shortly after acquisitions (which didn't provide that large of an immediate pop anyway), they dropped back to pre-announcement levels.

        though, if they DO acquire Arcam.... you're absolutely right. I think, if anything, 3DS would be going after their EBM system as I believe all they have for metal right now is SLS (look those up if need be). and if we can get more into the metal production space.... that's money.

        good luck guys.

      • Acquisition is what we are waiting for. It will happen any time soon.

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