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  • ogewen ogewen Jun 5, 2013 12:05 PM Flag

    This is a buying opportunity IMHO

    Just bought on this dip 1K at 43.38. Once anouncement is made for another acquistion which could be any day. This will rocket past new highs of 50 at the end of May. All the best. Ogewen

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    • Thanks Alpha. I believe this is a no brainer and the only question should be is "when" this will become a monster company and not "if" it will happen. Most posters I believe here are trading daily. I don't and profess to imply that is a bad thing, but if you're in it for the long haul all these bumps in the road are just that, "bumps". I remember posters a year ago freaking out when it back and filled when it was 40 pre split and doom sayers said it was heading to teens again. All you have to do is your DD on the company, look at what they are selling and where management is pointing them to acquiring more solid profit making companies. The general public is just hearing about 3D printing. Watch what happens when the Fed is no longer a factor and the economy grows on its own accord. The tapering concern is media driven. It will be much to do about nothing in due time. Europe is bottoming economic wise and they will follow suit, too. Again it's is when, not if this will be a huge company. The only regretable decision they made IMHO was announcing a split when earnings came out 1st qtr . They won't do that again. It's a great company and only in its infancy. Good luck to you and everyone. Millionaires will be made with perserverence and staying the course.Intelligent and thoughtful opinions are always welcome. All the best. Ogewen.

    • Lots of folks are waiting for 40 to 42 to buy in....just a might not come, but not until it splits again at 80...if you're long this IS the buying opportunity. Mini corrections won't matter just be amazed what your position will look like in 2-3 years. Think CSCO! All the best. Ogewen

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • hey ogewen, how thing's.

      I forgot how much cash did they raise wasn't it like $250 mil. What are they doing with all this cash? I figured a buy would have already been made

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      • Doing well thanks lilly...the cash could be sitting on the sidelines as they might be in negotiations with likely's a #$%$ shoot, but their aggressive history tells me somethings are in the works,,,when that happens it will blow through previous highs. Also, the long awaited or anticpated market correction will or is taking place and then economic signals will soon become positive and all the boats will rise with the tide of the next bull market. I still see 80-100 pps by years end with another split, this time 2:1 coming by then , too. All the best. Ogewen.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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