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  • yzzycz yzzycz Jul 30, 2013 10:25 AM Flag

    3D printing is just hype. Think how many times you need to print some plastic piece at home

    or how many bussineses will replace their melding machines for expensive slow 3D one?

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    • Maybe the Voodoo practitioners buy them and print plastic figurines of short traders and stick pins in them.
      Wait until that design file goes viral. I suggest that you get some new glasses - you are near sighted.

    • Think of how many times I'd rather see kids at their homes being creative and coming up with something really inventive to print out and hold in their hands instead of little controllers playing some video game. The creative types will run with this technology...those with none will simply bash it on message boards.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Supposedly, you could print out a CD or DVD versus going to the store to buy one or downloading could print out a Star Trek figure in a unique pose versus going to the store.......a couple of years ago, I needed an electrical outlet in a odd size and could have printed one out instead of trimming a standard size.

      There are industrial needs but there has been existing technology for years for prototypes, molds, etc.

    • The same number of times IBM thought that they could sell a PC to an individual. While I too initially looked at this business and said realyy, the more you read, the more it becomes clear that the technology will transform markets in ways that we're still trying to figure out. Revenues are up, they're entering markets that are fast to adapt (US tends to be slow) to new technologies, and long term I'd be a bit nervous if I held a short position. If the earnings are that bad really, why did we fall to levels just seen two days ago? If the stock is so bad, why are there over 6 million people buying the shares at 8 to 10% discount from yesterday, if 3D printing is just a fad why have the markets been expanding not shrinking? I don't know which companies will ultimately win or lose, but the first movers for the next few years likely will stay ahead of the pack for awhile. SSYS, DDD, and XONE (made serious cash there before moving my money back to DDD). I wish you the best of luck, but we live in a 3D world (sung to the same bloody tune as Madonna's maddening material girl)

    • It's come down to any time I see the same old threads along similar lines that speak an infinite deal of nothing I am forced to open it just to put people on ignore.

    • uninformed basher drivel.

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