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  • depakchopra depakchopra Aug 7, 2013 9:46 PM Flag

    Short Squeeze Begins Tommorow, Thursday, Aug. 8th...

    Shorts will be running for the doors after SSYS reports. Today was also a Trend Reversal Day and we held our 50DMA. And now Goldman Sachs jumped on the 3d bandwagon and certainly wrote a glowing report. Today was a "Short Trap". And all the remaining "Weak Hands" have been shaken out of this stock. Shorts will scramble to get out and Longs who were shaken out, will chase to get in. Traders have been waiting for this. We will see new highs very soon.

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    • I hope you are right!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Quite a price reversal yesterday. Glad I added more at $44.73. Thank you shorts.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • And by the way, we all have the ability to read the Tea Leafs. It's called The News. In the last six weeks there have been several articles released indicating that Pipelines in the 3D Industry are robust and strong quarterly reports should be expected. DDD proved this when sales (Revenue) came in ahead of expectations. SSYS is considered to be a Stronger Industrial Player too. That being said, it is reasonable to assume that SSYS is going to deliver even stronger numbers than DDD, since they should have captured an even larger slice of the pie. And if there are labor or supply chain disruptions, the news usually covers them. All indications are for a strong report from SSYS tomorrow. And as it stands, DDD delivered an exceptional earnings report as well. This sell off was never justified in the first place.

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      • ...and read the article in the latest issue of Fortune magazine. As I posted earlier, DDD highlighted as fastest growth stock.

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      • I'm surprised no one has talked Smack back to me. I guess the Shorts have already begun hiding. Their obviously afraid. Why anyone would want to Short this stock is beyond me. Shoot, this last quarter alone, we showed over 100% growth in our Printer Sales alone. We also sold 30 Million in Printer "Ink" supplies. At rates like this, we'll be doing over 100 Million a quarter, just in "Ink", in the not to distant future. But please, keep on Shorting. All that were producing is plastic junk. What could companies like Goldman Sachs know, anyhow? I guess companies like Ge and Boeing should be considered anomalies, when they say 3d Printing is changing their productions cycles, saving them time and money. What a joke? Huh?

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