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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Sep 18, 2013 9:06 PM Flag

    Today explains reasons for the important of fundamental

    Yes, TA is important in a way that gives us entry and exit points (about) depends on the time frame of our trading/investing. SBUX for example, fundamental is so strong that we can keep it very long until fundamental of business changes. We can use TA to trade SBUX using oversold/overbought indicators as an example.

    Gold and silver changed direction in a blink of an eye, TA could not help. In this case the 1 minute reversal candles and 5 minutes trend reversal helped us to cover and go long. Well, if we are not in front of the computer, this morning TA showed us gold and silver were going to go lower.

    Charts are results of transactions, after facts. Remember the TA experts said S&P to 1500 1400 1200. The chartist Carter on CNBC?

    Have a great night. It was a very fun day for me. Good luck to all.

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    • I smart trader/investor will utilize both fundamental and technical modalities. It would make no sense to ignore one and go blindly with the other. The more even my trading has become over the years the better my success. But I will say, even if fundamentals look good, if technically it is screaming for the other direction I will pass on the trade. Not worth the whipsaw, been there done

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      • I did not say TA is not important. Extremely important but to ME, fundamental first. If a stock keeps running up without fundamental to support it then will be short lived. I short many stocks that ran ran and ran and I followed and short. Please look at OSIR, I shorted and made tons.

        I never do things blindly..did I say I ignore one ??

        Market is so complex, the GLOBAL market with politic as, etc...each stock, sector act differently. Uniquely. We can not apply one thing.

        I do not want to write a book here. A few, more than a few on this boards think they no so much??
        Do noy reply please. I choose to ignore your posts. Sorry.
        Good luck. Show the board which stocks you want to buy and sell and why?

        I do not want to argue think I just started trading two days ago????

    • 1973fenderstrat Sep 18, 2013 10:26 PM Flag

      You have me a bit confused-----Did fundamentals have anything to do with the MRKT. today? Bernanke just gave Wall Street a supply of Prozac. What do you think would have happened if The Fed would have stopped all easing? A stock is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it----and if there more sellers than buyers, the stock will go down no matter what the fundamentals are.

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