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  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Oct 1, 2013 12:44 AM Flag

    don't you people on this board have ANYTHING "better" to do with your posts??

    than to bash me repeatedly?? is that really something that is productive?? is that ta related??

    ok, so you don't like the ta i do?? then why don't you do it yourself and then post it on here for ddd - then we'l see how often you're correct and see who bashes you!

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    • I dont think they are bashing you I think they are bashing your approach to your approach....

      You can't seem to type 2 consecutive sentences without using words like COULD WOULD SHOULD IF ABOUT etc etc

      Also what is wrong with using the close of the last 3 fridays and yesterdays close ?
      I have to tell you that wanting to see the rest of the week to tell us what will happen next week is bogus.

      Do you have the slightest idea of how many moves you would miss doing something like that

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      • derby - as i've already explained to you - i use words that are SUBJECTIVE (would, should, could) - BECAUSE "NOTHING" is a for sure thing!!! NOTHING!!! so, if nothing is a for sure thing, then it is only subjective - thus words like would and should must be used under conditions like this!

        you wrote: GOLD "IS" GOING UP thios week!!! that was a FOR SURE statement - you didn't write: gold "WILL MOST LIKELY" go up this week - due to this reason and this reason. OR you didn't write: i can see gold going up this week due to this and this... (subjective statement). or: gold "SHOULD" or "COULD" go up this week due to this and this....

        no, you said it as a FACT - gold IS going up this week!!

        really?? gold is going up this week?? really?? hmm, not by what i'm seeing in it - from yesterday and today! down by $30 today as i see it!

        and THAT is why i write things SUBJECTIVELY - as NOTHING is a FOR SURE thing when it comes to things like chart patterns playing out and momentum and volume showing a stock is "MOST LIKELY" going to drop soon, etc etc.

        EVERYTHING in TA and trading/ investing is SUBJECTIVE derby - NOT a matter of FACT!

      • Fundamentals and national/world events drive the majority of the up/down movements of any stock. Technicals reflect those events. Most chart analysis is useless.

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