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  • bbbmarketingguru Nov 19, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    Seeking Alpha

    Anyone besides me think this is just a front to manipulate? Just my opinion... Clearly they do not like ANY 3D printing company stocks as a search of their blogs will show...I consider Merrill Lynch and others much better sources for why to buy, hold or sell...Also I want to congratulate all the Shorts here...everyone should be making money on DDD if they I will bet on a winning horse but never on one to lose but that's just me.

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    • WHy don't we take big fat dumps in a bags and mail them to Seekin Crappola and Barron Von Waste.

    • Anybody who takes financial guidance from SA is a fooI and is going to be kicking himself for decades to come. Natural selection, I suppose.

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    • A humble opinion. Would seem important to stand ones ground during a short attack. Sell my shares; that money is gone. Shorts love to make money by exposing the negatives of a company. The question to consider - if I buy more shares cheaper, I am giving my money to those shorts as I buy the shares they shorted? How about stand my ground ; even post a limit order selling my shares at a high price that will never execute? Would that not look my shares away from being able to be "borrowed" by shorts?3D printing is here to stay.It's a good investment for the future. So shorts, I'm standing my ground on DDD, and even humbled ONVO. You won't be getting my stocks or my money, but my son can sell them 10 yrs. down the line and pay his way through college. As for the Seeking Alpha boys and even Motley Fool, I'll stay off their sites, I' do my own D&D as Done on Nokia and not waste time being "twisted in the wind" by possible pump and dump hype and short provoking articles. Stand your ground, longs!

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      • Just because you place a limit to sell at a higher price does not mean shorts cannot borrow your shares. You obviously do not understand short selling. The only way to prevent a short from borrowing you shares to short is to tell your broker they are not available for shorting. It also means getting your shares out of street name. But, your few shares will not have an effect either way. So, either sell, buy or stand tough. Means nothing....

    • SA wrote bad about 3 D stocks since it was $42. I called DDD and talked to them.
      I also called XONE and that was the reason the CEO of XONE publicly said a couple days later do not trust those guys....I posted you the team here....

      VJET has p/s 83.. Should be trading at not more than 1/4 of the current price to be fair with DDD XONE..epsically XONE because they are in the same space...

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