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  • stocksgirrl stocksgirrl Nov 26, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

    ddd, ssys, & xone ALL have head & shoulders patterns on their daily charts!

    and vjet has a bear flag on its daily chart!

    these are ALL bearish patterns!

    the right shoulder is being formed right now on ddd, ssys, and xone.

    these bear patterns on each of the main stocks in the 3d sector (these are the only stocks in this sector i checked) suggest there is more downside coming in this sector! the pattern on the ddd chart gets negated if ddd goes up to $80 or above.

    i'd use ddd as a proxy of the sector and look to ddd to see if these patterns will get negated.

    head and shoulder patterns often get completed to the neckline of the pattern ($62 to $60 areas for ddd) - BUT, they often do not get to the price target of the pattern as the neckline is a strong support price for head and sh patterns (and for INVERSE head and sh patterns, the neckline is a strong resistance area). the price target of the pattern for ddd is much lower than $60 - lol - and that is all i will say on that as more times than not, the head & sh patterns don't make it to their price targets - so, i really don't need to even say what the price target is at this point (unless or until ddd goes below $60- then i'd consider posting the price target of this pattern IF ddd did this!).

    so, we shall know within the coming weeks whether these patterns play out to their respective necklines OR whether they get negated as these patterns should play out within the next few weeks (IF they are going to continue to form that is).

    next stop in the pattern would be the neckline - but consolidation at the right shoulder area could still continue in the next several days before the stocks get to their respective necklines (IF they even do get to the neckline that is! ;) ).

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