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  • cybercash28 cybercash28 Apr 10, 2014 2:42 PM Flag

    Crystal Ball?

    Shorts are right on 99.99% of tech stocks today.
    so to say that you are so good in predicting DDD is in deep red is a JOKE.

    They are all down..short them all..
    Tomorrow no one is a please stop bashing at feel like you are heros.
    Bill Miller, one of the best. His fund was up 60% last year. he is still bullish...He said earlier on CNBC..He said to buy yesterday afternoon.
    Cramer said to buy last night, the air is clear..yes Crmaer!.

    NO ONE knows what is going on.
    Congratulation the shorts. Stop rubbing salt on longs.
    Have compassion for other human.

    Win today and who knows tomorrow. Life is a long journey.
    I know a couple who were so wealthy. I mean rich rich...who left their country with a few dollars.
    Started all over with nothing. We all helped them out with tears..

    If you can say..sorry guys rather than I SAID SO MY CRYSTAL BALLS.. then you can feel good about yourself or you need to look at yourself and ask...who am I?? Am I a HUMAN?

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    • Cybercash is a CyberassRash. TA works. You are unable to apply it. Because it takes years of study and focus. Your pumping is pathetic.

    • cybercash- there was a bear flag on the spx chart as of yesterday- & on the ddd chart too- as well as the nasdaq chart too! there's also a head & shoulders patern on the nas that i wrote abt on here this wk- with the prices of where to watch for the pattern to unfold. there was also a bull flag on the vix daily chart as of yesterday- that played out today by popping up in price!

      things were there in the charts for anyone to see it. so if these ppl you're referring to did not see these things in the chart, then they just don't do TA very well!

      also, i don't c anyone on here taking laughs at anyone long this stock! in fact, i've been one person (out of SEVERAL) who's been warning ppl of the decline coming in ddd due to the technicals of the chart! & i've repeatedly stated that ddd is in a downtrend (since january now) & wjhat it needs to do to get back into an uptrend (including just yesterday).

      AND, i've been the only person on this board to have written several posts about NOT to avg down on shares bought as you can be avging down for over $10 a share and STILL then be under water- and then be in a position of hoping and praying to get back to break even- let alone to a profit situation! i've written that several times on here in the past 6 months! it has been some others on here who've been telling ppl to buy more shares or hold your position in your shares of ddd that should be shellacked for giving out such irresponsible "advice" to ppl who own this stock! one name repeatedly comes to mind who's been doing that- & it is that robbierasser person!

      so, anyone paying attention to my warnings of not to avg down- & have been paying attention to many on here warning since january of ddd's coming decline (& my info of ddd being in a downtrend)- will be in a good position now! those listening to others saying to buy more as it keeps declining will not be in a good position right now- i just hope they paid attention to the right things being told to them!

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