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  • golfiscool_2 golfiscool_2 Apr 3, 2008 8:55 PM Flag

    SHZ is not a MINI CHNR its much Bigger...

    SHZ has 463 Employees as opposed 270 for CHNR


    "SRK Appraisal Report on Two Large-scale Mining Reserves"

    Company Confirms 8.140 Million Metric Tons of Fluorite Reserves with
    24-year potential mine life, 1.02 Million Metric Tons of Copper Metal
    and 97.36 Metric Tons of Gold Metal "

    97.36 t of gold = 3,434,272 ounces
    1.02 Mt of copper = 2,248,715,074 lb
    4,883t of Molybdenum = 10,765,172 lb

    3,434,272 oz X $900/oz = $3,090,844,800
    2,248,715,074 lb X $3.70/lb = $8,320,245,773
    10,765,172 lb X $20/lb = $215,303,440

    + $8,320,245,773
    + $215,303,440

    = $11,626,394,013 USD

    What market cap should we give SHZ?? Give their claimed resources an in-ground value of 10-20%......and you get $1-2 billion of market cap......thats $33-$66 / share.

    If you look at many mining companies listed on the TSX and AMEX you will see no revenues but huge market caps. Why? because mining companies trade on reserve value not on revenues or earnings.

    You will see mining companies with HUGE REVS and NET INCOME but low PE ratios...why? because they are trading to reserve values not to earnings power.

    Happy investing!!!

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