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  • supersizethatforya supersizethatforya Apr 10, 2006 3:52 PM Flag

    gentlemen I think we were manipulated

    I love the company and its prospects. I think it is still a buy, and cheap on assets and growth. However, the pump and bunch, I think, has hit this company and left lots of losses in its wake. I dont think that there was any reason for the sudden run up. I definately doubt that the company was involved. I have no reason for my statements other than surmise. Real folks work at lbix, and this must scare the crap out of them.

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    • then again.. 39M for this company is so cheap, there is a limit to how much lower we can go.

      Right exactly at 1x sales.. for a company in an industry with 3x sales is the standards and growth that exceeds industry averages.. We could actually bounce, but we'll see. Depends how many people are waiting on the sidelines and at what levels for shares.

      Will be interesting.. I wonder if McRae's wife will be shopping for shares again, lol.

    • thinking we go lower again tomorrow..

      Company is just fine, its awesome in fact, but the chart has totally broken down. Buy the first uptick, and buy the low 2's I am thinking.. but at 2.64, this is a dangerous spot.

      It will be slightly humorous in a couple months when the stock is higher but for now, this won't be a fun week.


    • I disagee.. this is just standard trading..

      The company has put together a series of strong news/performance over the last 3 months, investors and momentum traders that see the beverage market has hot jumped on board. With the market starting to fall back and fear of the first quarter rally ending, momentum is leaving the stock.

      The sell-off is no biggie if you're a long-term investor. It's a little painful to watch yourself go way into the red but it's just giving back profit. and it's money, I expect to get back and then some in the near future. Its just a matter of timing my next buy in this stock, I was foolish and added a little bit above $3. It was a bad call, I should have waited but I love what the company is doing and I believe it's a very good bet we'll be above $6 before years end.

      I have been in the stock since it was in the low $1's and followed it for over a year now, this is the best the company has ever looked in it's history and it's just a matter of time till it's stock price reflects that. To be able to buy such a great stock under $50M is a steal. After we see the growth of Q4 05' and we near the profits of Q2 06'.. the question will be can you buy the stock for under $100M. We're in the right place.

      Today's action was a good thing for the board, a good thing for the stock in the long run.

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      • Jeez, why is everyone crying?
        This thing jumped big time on no news, nobody bitched then. I sold 6500 shares at the open today and still have another 2000 shares. Sure. I should have sold at 3.50 but what you gonna do? This seems like a good company with decent prospects for the future. Ill buy more
        after earnings, but I'll take the profit the last runup provided.
        Best of luck to everyone

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